One Strike. You’re Out.

The Safety Matches I use for the fireplace are worthless. Strike them and they light but turn the match sideways and the flame goes out very quickly. I often have to use two or three to get the kindling going or to light the mail trash I put in the fireplace to burn rather than shred.

It could be that the matches are lousy because they are Sourced from Responsible Forests?? Gee, I just want a fireplace match that keeps the home fires burning. Diamond gets an F but it seems to be the only brand sold around my parts.


I tried a butane lighter and didn’t care for that either. The dumb things click twice then don’t work. Ugh. In the trash.


That got me to Google Best Safety Matches and what I found astonished me. Not better matches, but a pictorial history of Safety Match book covers, heralded as art worth collecting.

As beautiful as that segue was, it still doesn’t help me find good quality fireplace matches without spending a fortune on designer ones where you get ten in a box for $20. I use the fireplace almost daily so good matches are a critical piece of the equation.

Got any suggestions? With the cold and now rain, I’m going to need suggestions quickly! Thanks.

20 thoughts on “One Strike. You’re Out.

    1. I noticed a couple of the old match covers said Sweden. Leave it to the Swedes to invent them. I’m going to the hardware store today and will look there for some better quality matches. If I fail, you’re on for August.

  1. I have an old very long-nosed butane lighter that is meant for fireplaces. The tip is a foot long. Living in Florida I have little use for it now but was my go-to the years we lived in the northeast. There’s no name on the one I have but the quality is superb. Never failed me.

  2. Moving into a house with a gas ignition fireplace was a wake-up call.
    Had all this new paper trash to recycle,
    plus the paper not trusted to recycle needed to be shredded.
    I’m a butane lighter user.
    Reminds me of another modern advancement ,
    Instead of burning leaves we blow them away.

    1. Our first house in Bedford, a 1920s gem, Still had its original working incinerator in the basement. We used it all the time.

      We can still burn in RI. Requires a simple permit that day from the fire department to make sure the wind isn’t too strong but we burn lots of good stuff at least twice a year. I suppose blowing the leaves makes good compost eventually but it takes so long.

  3. Living in a condo now I don’t have a fireplace but in our Greenwich house we had four fireplaces and used a piece of rolled up newspaper as a fire starter. Worked well as long as you let go quickly enough!

    Totally off topic, this video is too beautiful for words. I dare you to watch it and not cry.

    1. Jane, I’m sobbing. I hope the Cubs saw that too and will give this father and son a day they will never forget. Some snot nosed snowflake kids need to see this, to understand what hard work really is. Oh my, thanks Jane.

    1. Thank heavens for Google. I wasn’t sure if you were sending me a secret word or the name of matches. The Swan Vestas get rave reviews and are even available on Amazon.

    1. I used to buy fatwood from Plow and Hearth but my hardware store carries it now and makes life easier. I like those long matches. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Try a different brand of the butanes. I love their convenience and cost effectiveness (they last for a lot of lights) and would never go back to matches. I use Bics, available at CVS. Pulling the trigger and simultaneously pulling back the sliding gas release switch on top can be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it lights every time. They’re also great for lighting stuff outside in a breeze and for reaching into those glass enclosed citronella candles. A real hassle with a match, sometimes resulting in burned fingers.

    1. The ones I threw away were Bics. I got them at CVS I think. Like a three pack. They didn’t work for me. I agree in principal that butane makes sense outside and I might go that route if I found a solid butane lighter.

    1. Uh oh. Showing my ignorance again. I don’t know the movie Paterson. Was it only shown in Iowa?? 😂 Do tell why you are reminded so I don’t feel stupid

      I Googled the movie and see it’s Rotten Tomatoes review, but I don’t get the link to matches. Does the lead character burn up the town of Paterson?

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