Two Things I won’t be buying today

The Critter Catcher. Don’t worry, the spider in the photo is safe because with this product, the object is to catch the bug….. but let it free! These people don’t know from stinkbugs or sowbugs.

I like to go in for the kill, flush that sucker down the toilet. Might I save a spider? Yes, maybe, it depends. But that doesn’t mean I’d buy the critter catcher.

That said, Mr. EOS and I have always said that all our invention ideas are never dumb enough, never finding a niche market that so many clever ideas do, inventions that you look at and say Gee, why didn’t I think of that??? My architect brother-in-law has created several very clever ideas that went nowhere, not because they weren’t good, but getting them marketed was the real challenge. Finding someone to buy them and sell them. There’s the rub. My sister, way back when inflation was a big deal, created an Inflatable Dollar pool float that sold quite well. The ones she didn’t sell went to rot in her basement. The odor of rotting Chinese plastic did nothing for a damp basement.

I came up with flavored ice cream jimmies, not just the colored ones, but flavored to match their color. Have you seen them in the market? Ha, I didn’t think so. Getting the flavor into such a small thing as a sprinkle proved undoable. Not to mention everyone told me the idea was stupid. Oh well. A gal can dream.

Here’s the second thing I won’t be buying.

Maple syrup water? Vegan maple syrup water? Organic vegan maple syrup water?

But I’m alone I see in not buying such products. Look at the wall of juices at Stop & Shop.

I’ve tried a few of these. I take a glass or two then end up throwing the rest away. I guess I’m not young and hip enough to be their target audience.

Very cold day, so cold, damn, I turned the heat back on and have red fuzzy slippers on and a jacket. What a wuss I’ve become.

9 thoughts on “Two Things I won’t be buying today

  1. I like the idea of the flavored jimmies. Were you selling them as a medley of flavors in one jar or in jars individually, like I could choose lime or raspberry separately? Go back to the drawing board. I’d buy them

    1. I did envision selling individual flavors separately and also in combo packs. The problem with as finding a cost effective way of injecting the candy with flavor. It could be done but at a price that would have made the sprinkles unaffordable, thus not marketable.

    1. Heh, that’s interesting. He’s a wantrepreneur all right.

      I’m done done done with this farm to table crap. It was great with Dan Barber started the movement at Blue Hill Stone Barns but then Louie’s Deli in Canarsie wants me to beleive his sausage sandwich is farm to table….then you know the movement turned into overkill.

      I wish Lazar well of course, but I am not going to buy his water with maple syrup. Would you?

  2. That’s the old trading floor liquid diet special.

    Lemon juice gives you the vitamin c, maple syrup gives you the carbs and the cayenne continues to stimulate/irritate the digestive tract.

    Guys would go on that for three weeks straight and drop 20-25 pounds.

    1. Cayenne is all the rage again. So many diets include heavy doses of it. I forgot to see how much that bottle cost, but if that combo floats your boat, one could make it at home for $1.00.

    2. That combo is Beyoncé claim to fame too. She markets and sells her own diet plan that includes this drink.

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