This is what you become after burning $13m of your own bread…

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O’Reilly out at Fox. I, for one, am glad. He did nothing for me. His finger-wagging is pretty much what he did to all his guests.

Of course, all the chatter is about his replacement. Lots of good suggestions. Who do you think it should be, or are you like me, and rarely watch Fox anymore?


I’m seeing this but don’t believe it’s true. It’s not from The Onion but The Five at 9pm? No way. Something is amiss here.

With the massive news this afternoon that Bill O’Reilly is officially out at Fox News, Fox has now announced that Tucker Carlson will be taking the coveted 8 pm slot.

Tucker Carlson Tonight will be moving up from 9 pm, which will now be the home of The Five, co-hosted by Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, Bob Beckel, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and Juan Williams.

Eric Bolling will be getting the 5 pm slot on May 1st. Next week Fox’s Special Report with Bret Baier will be on next week from 5-7 PM.

Martha MacCallum‘s 7 pm program The First 100 Days will change its name after those first 100 days to The Story with Martha MacCallum.

Sean Hannity remains in his 10 pm timeslot.

17 thoughts on “This is what you become after burning $13m of your own bread…

  1. Back in Greenwich after Easter in California. Happy to be home.

    I don’t watch O’Reilly and think most viewers would agree he was not pleasant. He doesn’t need the job anyway – he makes more from the sale of his books than he does at Fox, plus what I never liked was his show wasn’t live at 8. He was too arrogant to stay late and be there live I guess.

    I’d consider Laura Ingraham as a good replacement. Not a woman for the sake of a woman but a strong conservative female voice would be welcome. No Meeagain Kelly’s.

    1. Huh, hadn’t thought about Laura. Her voice is a bit tough to take but she is smart. I thought she was running for Senate from Virginia.

  2. I cut and paste my comment in an OT shoot of another post and dropped it here.

    Many saying Eric Bolling will get the nod to replace O’Reilly. Or Dana Perino. Bolling fills in regularly for Bill so that might make sense but Bolling is more of a money man than he is a political pundit so I don’t see that choice. Dana is far too much of a whiny RINO to fit in.

    1. Ya know, I do think it wouldn’t hurt Fox to have a wildly liberal person at 8. Greta went from Fox to MSNBC and while her expertise is the law and she’s very fair and balanced, MSNBC welcomed her, coming from a conservative network.

      Problem with Fox is they have very little actual talent. More talking heads than experts. How many times can you mute Bob Beckel or Juan Williams who say the same thing over and over? How many times can a five year old who called 911 tell F&F his story. There’s no depth to the lineup. Janine Pirro is the exception but I see her ratings have tanked lately. She has become a one trick pony too, her opening monologue is about all anyone watches.

  3. My vote: Move Tucker Carlson from the 9:00 slot to replace Bill at 8:00. As for Carlson’s replacement, Fox News has a stable of potential candidates. However, might anyone be capable of generating four million viewers each night as Bill did? Doubtful.

    1. I suspect that will happen Cobra, Tucker moving over. Old farts like us have trouble staying awake until 9! That said, I tried for a couple of weeks to get on board with Tucker and I can’t quite get there. Are you a fan of his?

      1. Yup. I enjoy Carlson’s “are you sh*ting me?” visage as he listens to his interviewee’s drivel. Also, when interviewing a left wing lizard, he revels in tearing the reptile a new coight with rapier-like rejoinders. Fun to watch.

  4. To be correct, O’Reilly “only” paid $10m of his own money. Fox chipped in three. Bill is getting the business in the WSJ article comments section. Most are happy to see him go.

  5. The Bolling part is true.

  6. My hubby is watching The Five now and they haven’t mentioned the O’Reilly dust up and Bolling’s new time slot. Their contracts must have a gag order?

    1. They talked about it just now. The Five is going to 9p. I don’t see it. At all. Dana will be sound asleep. Watters is replacing Bolling. He and Beckel hate each other. And the old people who are the bread and butter of The Five will not watch at 9.

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