But will they be as Friendly as Friendly’s?

Bareburger, coming soon(ish), to the former Friendly’s in Mount Kisco, across from the hospital. I blogged about the closing of said Friendly’s and I was going to link you to it, but I’ve been so lax lately tagging and categorizing my posts, that I can’t even find that saga.


The old building was gutted down to the studs and refitted with new everything – new windows, new doors, new cooling, new facade, and new, quite invisible sign.


Good luck reading that from across the street, let alone from your car driving 35mph.

Can you make out what that sign says? I can’t.


Add that there’s a telephone pole right in front of the sign that obscures what there is of the diminutive logo.

Hey, let’s stop at that new place, the E-Burger. They sell virtual burgers!


There was a huge Friendly’s sign at the edge of the road but Mount Kisco is decidedly anti-sign and I am sure the town wouldn’t grant B’Burger a replacement sign as large so the restaurant might have to deal with people hoping if they build it we will come.

I’ve never been to a Bareburger so I looked a their website and see it’s all organic. Meh. I’m not an organic person. To me all this means is their burgers will be expensive.

Those of you in the Bareburger know, fill me in. Is this a good thing? No sign when they will open. I suspect they are waiting for the final C.O. No mention of it on their website as Coming Soon either.

Good location. Lots of parking. Not sure how another gourmet burger joint will fare. There’s a Westchester Burger in Bedford Hills, owned and run locally, so I imagine the two restaurants will compete for your burger dollar. I’ve been to Westchester Burger once. It was okay, but for me, if I’m going out, I tend not to want to go to a burger place. Just me? Only time will tell.

UPDATE. Per the comments section and the discussion of the cupola giveaway of any former Friendly’s, this from Sound Beacher.  

Here is a pic of the bank in Cos Cob / Greenwich which was a Friendly’s just like yours. Note the cupola that Mr85Broad referenced. You can tell it’s a Friendly’s no matter how many banks repaint it!

38 thoughts on “But will they be as Friendly as Friendly’s?

  1. Have been to Bareburgers in the city numerous times. The burgers themselves are good — not amazing and not bad. But they have a pretty big menu that goes well beyond burgers. Lots of entree salads, side options, “sharing” plates, etc. And the atmosphere is a step up from most burger joints. Overall, I think it’s a good addition.

    For my money, Shake Shack is far superior, even though it’s a fast-food atmosphere. Still surprised there are two in CT now and none (that I know of) in Westchester.

    1. Thanks for the preview. Agree that Shake Shack is the definitive burger jernt and yes there is one in Westchester, If you call Yonkers Westchester. I’d drive to a CT SS before venturing into Yonkers.

  2. For a quick lunch on way to Cape, I swear by Wendy’s baked potato with sour cream and chives and a junior bacon cheeseburger (meat guaranteed never frozen). Bibi

    1. I watch the original Perry Mason episodes that run on MeTV. I won’t be able to look at Hamilton Burger the same way ever again. He was lucky that story happened before TMZ and Instagram!

    1. Mark: You have qualified for a full time job at EOSr. What did you enter into the search bar to find that link? I typed Friendly. Nothing. I typed Food. Nothing. Thanks!

      1. Easy Peasy EOS. I’ll tell you how I found it:

        Use Google Advanced Search:


        In the field “all these words:” enter “friendly’s mount kisco”

        In the field “site or domain:” enter “https://earthoceanskyredux.com/”

        Click on the “Advanced Search” button.

        The link “https://earthoceanskyredux.com/2015/01/14/fribble-me-forlorn/” comes up at the top of the list.

        Just took a few seconds.

        Google Advanced Search comes in very handy at times. Give it a try.

  3. I sometimes go to the Bareburger in Stamford for lunch – meh.

    With that cupola, the building will always say “I was once a Friendly’s”

    My first “real” job was working at one in HS.

  4. Sound Beacher: The Patio.com store in Cos Cob was a pancake house, not a Ho Jo’s. Now, after all these many moons, you know.

  5. Who is this newcomer “Mark” who is so knowledgeable??
    I’ve been to the Bareburger in Chelsea, NYC and to the Stamford one. It’s “trendy”. The Westchester Burger in Stamford is really good. But every restaurant that goes in there seems to close after a couple of years Route 22, then Rizzutos…

    1. Heh. I was so incensed by that cover I almost did a blog post about it this morning but remembered how ya’ll hate when I go political. But I gotta say, that cover is vomit inducing. She’s got no power. None. I could rant for another hour but….
      LSS, the cover is a revolting shitstain of a FU media that adores the Clinton’s.

        1. I’m shocked. I expected the comments to be all “we love her” “we’re with her”. What a great surprise so many tweeps find the cover mock-worthy! Praise the Lord.

          Many excellent comments but my fave is “I love it when my parents hire a PR firm for me”. Ha ha.

      1. Tell us how you really feel about Chelsea. 😂😂😂

        My wife went through the roof seeing the cover. She agrees that Chelsea hasn’t done one thing to deserve any powerful woman award.

        O/T Redux: I’m hearing O’Reilly is done at Fox. He’s carving his exit or more accurately Fox is carving him out of the lineup. Do you watch him?

        1. WSJ has a story saying Fox and O’Reilly are done. Not surprised. O’Reilly has been around too long at Fox and is no longer interesting or relevant.

          I don’t watch O’Reilly. I tried Tucker for a whole at 9. No can do.

        2. Many saying Eric Bolling will get the nod to replace O’Reilly. Or Dana Perino. Bolling fills in regularly for Bill so that might make sense but Bolling is more of a money man than he is a political pundit so I don’t see that choice. Dana is far too much of a whiny RINO to fit in.

      1. A lot of people have criticized her looks, compared her to a hyena. I draw the line there tho. I feel there’s plenty of criticism to be had without ripping apart her looks.

        While I have your attention, I saw this article today that made me thing of you. A Cannonball Reunion at the Greenwich Concours this yer. See story for details..
        “On June 2, the Greenwich International Film Festival (in conjunction with the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance) will host a Cannonball Reunion, featuring former event participants and a gathering of vehicles.”

        1. How did you know that there is a common thread here, EOS? The Greenwich International Film Festival was founded by three or four rich Greenwich women who had nothing else to do.

        2. I got an email from the Greenwich Concours folks this AM alerting me to this event. I was always a fan of the late Brock Yates and his Cannon Ball Run. Fun movie, as well. Perhaps we should recreate the Run with a dash from Dougie’s Hot Dog stand on the Po Cho boarder to Conyers Farm and back. Winner receives two of Dougie’s chili cheese dogs.

        3. Liberals? Maybe not Wendy Stapleton Reyes, one of the original founders. Her mother (Debbie) is George W. Bush’s cousin and her father (Craig Stapleton) was Ambassador to the Czech Republic and then to France under George W.

          The Greenwich International Film Festival started out as sort of like a Junior League project, but it was A League of Their Own.

        4. Cobra: I gave up going to the Concours. It got so crowded and the people attending…gosh, not enough real car experts. Mostly the lookie-loos who could barely afford a Kia.

        5. After a bunch of searching, EOS, I was unable to connect the woman with Howard Stern. As far as I could determine her name is Carina Crain and, according to the following fawning résumé, she sounds quite Chelseaesque: a wealthy young woman flitting around the world from pillar to post trying to find something rewarding to do. In a stroke of luck for those of us who live here, she finally found her calling and “Ms. Crain has utilized her expertise in film and visual media to enhance the cultural life of Greenwich, Connecticut.”


        6. Oh gosh, I didn’t expect you to do research. She just looks very familiar to me and has the same tall lanky blonde look of Howard Stern’s wife.

    1. Hey, great find. You just tripped across that story?? I’m not surprised. It was obvious to us they were operating on a shoestring. I hope the new merger doesn’t change the bourbon. It’s good stuff.

      Thanks for the breaking news. It beats the breaking news of Aaron Hernandez committing suicide. Or not.

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