Monday Musings

Great weekend despite some rain on our Easter parade yesterday. Today it can’t decide if it’s going to be sunny or cloudy.

One thing, my cherry trees are spectacular this week, today just a little past peak, and with the wind,  lots of the bloom is on the lawn (lawn, as in something greenish where Dawg hasn’t peed to destroy said lawn!).

Outstanding in her field, Dawg. She’s struggling breathing lately, heavy panting. Her hind legs just don’t want to hold up that fat belly anymore either. But she follows me everywhere so the old girl has some life left in her.

The week-end brought some Stupid Tweets …. (but isn’t that an oxymoron, Stupid Tweets?)

When an NBC reporter doesn’t want the American flag to distract him…

This tweeted photo made me laugh actually. During the horrible Antifa riots at Berkeley, some person posing as a male, was handing out Empathy Kiss cards while the villains were right behind him, gearing up to fight the cause.

Does this hat make me look stupid?
Barack and Michelle are going for a record to be away from their children the longest. Still frolicking, with the little people, aboard a 450′ yacht. but yeh, he wants others to worry about that carbon footprint thing.

I saw this ad on TV – sounds like a good thing and I see they are for sale at Target. Anyone tried them? I use veggie pans on the grill but so often little veggies drop through the holes and putting veggies right ON the grill, unless they are large, means certain fall though the grates.

We ventured to Pound Ridge over the weekend. Sad to see the old store Antiques and Tools closed up. The owner, Joan Silbersher, was a fixture of Pound Ridge. A feisty political old soul, vibrant shop owner, dedicated to all things Pound Ridge. The town will never find another Joan, nor another shop like this.

In its prime, this, full of things you never thought you needed, but bought anyway!

Then a walk over to Scotts Corner Market, once my default store, then for years, a filthy mess of a store in a shopping center that looks like something only a MOAB could love.

The grocery store has gone through a rehab inside but I gotta tell you, the strawberries I bought, half were rotten. And some pork chops? Inedible, they were so fibrous.

Half rotten strawberries even tho looking at them in  the container, they seemed OK.

May be a shiny new interior but not good enough products to get me to return.


Scratch SCM back off the list.

A sign out front says someone is trying to revive the mall itself. Good luck. It’s a mess, through and through. Zero appeal for any shop owner to have space there, IMHO.


So there it is, a bunch of musings for today. Hope you all had a good weekend too. Happy Monday!


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  1. We used to live on the backside of New Canaan close enough to Scotts Corner that we used it as our default. The post office was right there and so was the dry cleaners. Scott’s Corner had a great fish and meat department and I always ordered my holiday roasts from them and the fish was fresh. Did the management hands change? Something went rotten. We moved to New Hampshire around that time and never thought about it again, until now. Sorry to learn it hasn’t recovered. The mall was always ugly but it was full when we lived there. Agree it needs to be torn down.

    Antiques store was a high priced rip off but we shopped there every once in a while for oddities.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    1. SCM customers were half CT and half NY residents, true.

      I used that dry cleaner for big things, like drapes. He was not my default cleaner. I honestly don’t remember the mall being full of merchants – Abby’s Pet Store (which was owned and operated by SCM employees). The cleaner. A day care? The building was always dark and dreary, and old as the hills. Ugly as sin. I can’t imagine any developer agreeing to put money into revamping it.

      As for the management. When I stopped going to the store because it was filthy, I addressed my concern to two young men who introduced themselves to me as the managers/owners. They said they bought the place and had plans to rehab it. But this weekend, I saw Billy Fortin, the original owner there, directing workmen and employees. So, LSS, I don’t know if at some time Billy ran out of money and brought in new peeps then found backing and bought the joint again? It’s moot now. I won’t be going back.

      Yes, the Antiques and Tool shop was expensive but fun too. I needed to find an old castor oil jar for a gift and I knew if anyone would have it, without hunting on eBay, Joan would. She had lots of old sheet music and kitchen tools of yore. Knickknacks for the summer house.

  2. Strawberries are half rotten at my store too. Maybe they had a bad growing season? They look fine til you slice them then rot. I had a strawberry shortcake planned for yesterday that was ruined.

    Dawg needs Grecian Formula to rid her of the gray.

  3. The Spring blooming flower trees came out overnight. Easter’s strong wind brought Spring Snow….a shower of petals blown off the trees.
    I love Dawg posed in the fallen petals…..

  4. Bad strawberries in Florida this spring too. We had a lamb shaped coconut cake instead of anything with strawberries.

    Let me know what you think of the copper Yoshi grill sheets. We saw the ad too and contemplated buying them.

  5. Same experience with the strawberries I bought and with the same label I think (Driscoll’s Organic?) as the ones in your photo. $7.99 at the new Balducci’s Port Chester (in the old D’agastino’s). Nice store, though, much larger than the one in Greenwich. On opening day a string trio played in the seating area and a local radio station I didn’t recognize broadcast live in the entryway. More free food than you could shake a stick at added to all the excitement.

    1. SoundBeacher has challenged me to go into the new Citarella in Greenwich so maybe I’ll make it a two-fer trip and enter the Balducci’s in PC. Plus, I WAS going to Strauss Paper for some party supplies but lo and behold, they closed in March 2014. They were my go-to for big birthday party supplies, for balloons, plates and napkins in every color. The last time I went in there (obviously before 2014), the place looked dismal. Half of the huge store was closed off – a dead giveaway to financial woes. Schools shopped there too. I hate that so many good places are gone.

  6. Citarella Greenwich has very large meat, prepared foods, produce and seafood sections but shelf item selection is kind of skimpy. One section is kind of like an atrium, very high ceiling and on some days a man making fresh mozzarella fills the atrium with the sound of his huge voice: COME AND TASTE MY MOZZARELLA!!!, and on and on. Very much like a carnival barker. You have to get there on the right day to see/hear him, though. One oddity: if you want to call the store to inquire whether they have something or to save something for you, you cannot call the store directly. Their only listed number goes to Citarella’s central office. They will make the inquiry or request for you while you wait and report back. Of course this means that you can only call during their office business hours, ie no evenings or weekends.

    If you go to Balducci’s PC: the Italian restaurant Fortina a couple of doors down gets very good reviews, has decent prices and was playing live music (unplugged) on the Saturday afternoon when I walked by there. Lots of young people streaming in….

    Happy browsing!

    PS Slater was my shortcut between Midland and Rt !. I must have passed Strauss hundreds of times over the years. It didn’t look like much, and I never went in. Now I’m sorry I didn’t. Sort of like the Tobacco Museum across from the library in Greenwich. Despite its prominent spot, most people don’t even know it’s there. I passed it countless times and always meant to tour it someday. Now it’s closed forever.

    1. Wow, that’s all the news fit to print, and more! Thanks!!
      Strauss was a hole in the wall but there are two separate entities. Strass Paper is still in existence but its sister store Strauss warehouse was on Horton. One way street out. Take R on Wilkins at the old Lifesaver building then Left and left again onto Horton. Strauss Warehouse was a low brick building, about three blocks long. You’d drive right by it.
      I use that Slater shortcut too to go to Home Depot and that Strauss is still alive.

    1. Of course you’re right Sound Beacher. Both of these establishments are in the Rye Ridge Plaza which is in Rye Brook.

      1. Even so, Rye Ridge Plaza is equally declared by PoCho as Rye Brook. Katonah stores are often claimed by Bedford and vice versa because both Bedford and Katonah pay taxes to Bedford.

        Thanks for the clarification.

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