Our Martha Outdoes Martha Stewart!

Reader Martha sent me some photos of her efforts with her boys to decorate Easter Eggs. At first I posted them at the bottom of my original Easter egg post but I’m deleting them from there and creating a separate whole post. The photos and story is that good.

We made our own dye from onion skins and red cabbage:

My little guy put tape on to reduce cracking. I blew 18 eggs out, but 5 cracked.


Scrambled eggs….

The next day, I made a broccoli rabe ricotta frittata with all the eggs:

Then, we thoroughly washed and dried the eggshells:


While the shells were drying we decorated some for hard boiling.



The blown eggs were harder to dye. They floated:

So we had to come up with a solution, wind weighted them down with a steamer basket and the cabbage:

Wrapping the empty shells with flowers and cheesecloth didn’t work, somehow the dye seeped under and the pattern was not as vivid as on the boiled eggs. They soaked for a couple hours, dried over night, and this morning we finished decorating. My plan was to spatter some copper paint, but it was harder than expected, so we dipped a couple, brushed a couple, and (my favorite) mottled the paint on with fingers. I was going to seal them with mod podge, but I found my jar was dry and I’d forgotten it was glittery. We tried a little on one.



Well Martha, you win Easter. I am constantly in awe of your talent but this just blows me away (no pun intended). Remarkable. Thanks for sharing.

10 thoughts on “Our Martha Outdoes Martha Stewart!

  1. Martha must have a lot of patience. Including her children in the entire process to the extent they understand the physics of floating eggs is a pleasure to see.

    Congratulations. The frittata looks delicious too.

  2. THIS. This is real. The previous Cheerios commercial is 100% bullsh💩 t.
    Do you think if we asked nicely, Martha would invite a few folks over for frittata?

  3. You’re way too kind. I do not actually have much patience at all, seems to be something non-homeschoolers think they lack and we have.

    We did manage to sneak quite a bit of science and some math in there. But the 12 yo hardly participated at all and no one cared to clean up, or about the painting this morning, which was a shocker.

    I’m glad I said I would share photos with you–otherwise I would have not documented it, and too many of these fun days slide by with nary a snap.


  4. Those eggs look great, both the colored ones as well as the ones that went into your frittata 😉

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