Easter eggs for the craft-challenged that even I wouldn’t buy

Ewwwww, just ewwww, and wrong. Hard boiled eggs already dyed sitting on the shelves at Shoprite. No.

Even I, unable to craft a darn thing, would rather fumble at dying eggs with the kids than buy something already done. Of course, a gal can dream about really pretty dyed eggs, a la Martha.

Nothing I could create would ever look like these, trust me on this. I can do a lot of things well, but crafting, especially cleverly dying Easter Eggs, not my strong-suit.

We’ll go the traditional Paas route, add the vinegar, melt the tabs, and hide the eggs, and call it a success.

Photo from The Bigger Picture 27 blogspot

Chillier today than I hoped for getting the yard more cleaned up for the weekend. My landscapers haven’t come yet to do their first spring cleaning and I seem to be the only one around whose yard isn’t picked up after the winter branches came down. Maybe he’ll come later today or tomorrow morning. Weeds are already starting to grow up between the flagstones on the back patio. That’s not a good look if we eat outside on Sunday.

Easter plans everyone? Ham? Lamb? Hot dogs? Skip it?

14 thoughts on “Easter eggs for the craft-challenged that even I wouldn’t buy

  1. We use stickers to adorn Easter eggs on white eggs. We skip the dye part and go crafty with some decoupage or stickers or glue and glitter. It eliminates the mess of the dye and the contrast of the stickers on the pure white egg is very pretty.

    Lamb. Scalloped potatoes. Asparagus.

    1. I noticed from the photos I found online of pretty Easter eggs, many people go the white egg route and then decorate from there. I like that. Now I have to go buy stickers and glitter. I have the glue. Thanks for the advice.

      What time shall we come over for your lamb dinner? Sounds delicious.

  2. Oh dear, I’ve been making myself crazy with eggs on Pinterest. I was going to skip it entirely, but when I set out some eggs I decorated as a child (blown out, itch batik type dye job) my littlest said he wants to do it. So, I made the dye this morning—brown with onion skins, and blue with red cabbage. I also washed the eggs and we (me, while they watch. Ahem, boys!) are going to blow them out after school. Pray for me!!😀 I’ll take pics, and send them along if you want…

  3. Yesterday was clean the Weber day because the mild weather forecast for Sunday calls for an informal celebration outside.
    A local tv station featured the wood turning company in Maine that makes the wooden eggs for the White House Easter egg roll. Nice human interest story.

    1. Yeh, cleaning the Weber today too but it’s just so darn cold. The sun finally came out but it’s raw and windy. I have to set out all the patio furniture cushions and put the umbrellas out, and seeing how many of the umbrellas have mouse nests in them from winter storage.

      The Easter Egg roll at the WH uses wooden eggs? That would have been an interesting show to watch. Sorry I didn’t catch it. I figured they’d be the hollow plastic ones. I wonder if Al Roker will deign to host the Roll as he has for so many years. He was a huge Clinton supporter. Bet not.

  4. We used to have a Polish cleaning lady whose family would blow out the contents of raw eggs through pinholes and then decorate the shells in beautiful, intricate patterns. It was like a folk art, and since they didn’t spoil, they became little keepsakes. She gave us a few. We called them our Faberginski eggs.

    I wanted hotdogs, but the wife nixed that. Roast chicken, baked potato w/sour cream&chives, green beans. Gofer ice cream. The best.

    1. Faberginski eggs. I laughed out loud! I remember having elaborate egg decorating and blowing out eggs when I was with my grandmother. My kids got gypped. I said here, Paas, or nuttin’.

      I like the roast chicken idea. You’ll have to fill me in on what Gofer Ice Cream is and why it is the best. Never heard of it.

      1. Gofer is a local, family-owned small chain of ice cream shops. I am an ice cream lover, and I think theirs is the best I can buy. You can read the lowdown in this link:


        Try it the next time you’re in Greenwich! Let me know how you like it.

        1. Never heard of them or seen one of their stores. Kind of a cross between a Carvel (serving soft serve, ice cream cakes, and floats) and van Leeuwen artisanal ice cream flavors. What should I try first?

        2. I love the salt caramel and the chocolate chunk, but you should really try your own favorite flavor. They’re very nice at Gofer and happy to give you as many tastes as you want. Much better than van Leeuwen or any other pre-packaged ice cream I’ve tried. Forget Carvel. It’s all about the butterfat and air. I haven’t tried Darlene’s in OG, so I can’t compare that. You can’t go wrong with Gofer though IMHO.

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