What on earth is this???!!!!!????!

Citibank is tracking my visits and sending me a follow-up email?? No. No. No. No. I find this way over the top wrong. I plan on calling them to stop this stupidity. 

Am I alone in thinking this is akin to stalking? What could Citibank possibly gain by such an email? 

I’m furious. 

I emailed her and expect a reply! 

UPDATE 4:07p

I got an email back with a half hearted apology. It still doesn’t answer my questions: did she send an email to everyone who had a transaction with her? Can she see my email information if any transaction is done with a teller? I cashed a large check. 

She ended by saying she’d remove my email address from further followup lists but I can’t be the only one bothered by this? Am I being too upset over nothing? Or is this something? 

12 thoughts on “What on earth is this???!!!!!????!

  1. Wells Fargo will see your bid and raise it with a personal phone call to your cell (even during Hurricane Sandy) to ask how you felt about making your last deposit. And would you like to change your car loan from Chase’s 0.9% to say their 8.5%?

    1. I suspect we’re not that far off from having ankle bracelet-like chips implanted. What galled me was my transaction was with a teller so she must have written my name down, gone and searched for my email, and chosen to write to me? Did she write to everyone she helped? Am I singled out because of my Gold status at Citi? Was she thinking this is a good idea? I want answers. As of this hour, 2:21p, she hasn’t responded to my email. If I don’t hear from her, I’m taking myself to the manager tomorrow, in person. I’m THAT angry.

  2. Went to Peoples Bank yesterday. Needed a notary, today, got an email 2-3 minute survey about the visit…

    1. Geez. That says it’s not just Citi. If Wells Fargo does it and so does People’s, it’s a banking trend, as bad as the trend every seller seems to obsess about, getting my opinion after the transaction. I hate it.

  3. I think all the big bank marketing types went to the same convention and heard the same shpiel before an afternoon of golf. My bank sends me emails asking me to complete a five minute survey. I ignore them so they send a follow-up reminder. Also ignored.

    1. I think my email is a bit different. The actual teller who took care of my transaction deemed it appropriate to tell me she hoped I was happy with her service. What if I didn’t want anyone to know about that transaction? Why should she see my email address when cashing a check for me? It stinks. Really stinks.

  4. Chase is on a somewhat similar “smother the client” mission, as well. Last week I deposited a check at the West Putnam Ave. branch and before I could make it to the exit a representative from Chase Private Banking appeared and tried to lure me into an office to discuss my investments. Just the week before I had previously received a message on my answering machine from the same group at Chase suggesting an in-person meeting at the Greenwich Chase Private Banking center to review my investment options. No interest (no pun intended).

    1. Cobra, I’m stunned this happened. I guess I’m completely naive to what the banking industry calls customer service, specially since so many of you have had similar stories. I’m not going to tolerate it.

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