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SoundBeacher’s camera has been walking the streets of Old Greenwich and Riverside, CT and lucky for us the camera captured lots of new construction going on. It’s interesting to note that so many spec houses are going up – says to me builders see buyers for their finished houses yet lots of other houses are not selling quickly. Maybe it’s a combination of it being new and in a desired location.

Houses for sale in Bedford are lingering so long they are stale. Some new construction but harder for me to get photos of it because it tends to be back in the land, away from a street view.

We’ve purposely left out addresses for the new builds – the post is more a general look at construction. I gotta say there’s not one house in this group I’d want.


This one intrigues me but I can’t decide if I like it or hate it. I guess we’ll have to wait for part 2 of SoundBeacher’s report, when each of these houses is finished and landscaped.



This one looks pretty close to being ready to sell. Trees up. The black plastic up to prevent run off looks like no one cares anymore.


First time I’ve seen yellow and orange striped barrier plastic. Is this different for a reason? Anyone know?


Very strange window treatment over the garage. It looks like the grimacing face emoji! Dumb question, but how does one access the second floor deck if all the windows to it are double hung? Maybe that’s why the garage door is saying YIKES!





I know Trump met with the building trade execs and contractors recently and they are all optimistic that with a faster paced economy and new jobs, more people will buy these homes.

I wish each house a happy new homeowner.

10 thoughts on “This New House

  1. Great selection of photos. I think the modern one has potential for being fabulous. Is there a market for modern in Greenwich?

    One day I should send you pix of all the construction in Miami. Mostly ugly tower condos.

  2. The last two look like they could be decent — probably no coincidence they’re the least finished. The contemporary is at least intriguing, though not for me. I find the first house ghastly. That particular style of overbuilt faux shingle-style enormous garage goitered spec so clearly projects insensitivity to environment and a lack of taste that I can’t imagine why anyone buys them. Yet that is Riverside today, and why I’d never live there. In addition to the strange windows on that garage, I’m shocked that anyone would put that cheap white garage door on a house that I can only imagine will sell for $2m+.

    1. We are in total agreement. The first house IS ghastly – so overdone, so many rooflines and rounded garage bays? I am sure it’s a $5m+ home.

      Maybe, just maybe, the ugly garage door on the most modest of the houses is there temporarily until a nicer door arrives? One can hope.

  3. I find Riverside to be a very strange market these days. When we moved there, people who bought in Riverside/OG came for the value and could not afford backcountry which at that time had all the bling.

    It is an aspirational market now and new is what sells. I was happy to live in a marginal house (by Riverside standards these days) where my downside was backstopped by the value in the land. We found that there was little demand for that situation with today’s buyers. A builder bought our house and I’m told there is heavy equipment there now. I’m sure he will build the house we would have rather had, but at a price we couldn’t afford. So it goes.

    1. I was hoping you’d chime in. Your perspective as a former resident helps us out-of-towners understand the Riverside market. I guess the upside for sellers with a home like you described yours, the sell is easy. My childhood home got leveled and I found it disconcerting emotionally. I understood it from one perspective but my brain couldn’t quickly let go of so many memories now in a dumpster.

      For you at least, you are in a new home. A new locale. A new start. A new perspective.

      And so it goes. Yes.

      1. I live in a tear-down, but at least that fact frees me from worrying in my old age about whether my house will appeal to a buyer.

        1. There’s a lot of merit to your thinking. The longer I’m in our current house and seeing what buyers around me want, chances are good that when we go to sell, it’ll be a tear down. We have all the things people hate. Low ceilings. Master on first floor. Etc. Etc. Sigh.

  4. Picture # 4 is the entire empty lot those trees and grey house are the “backyard” neighbors. They tore down a house (the backhoe must have done it) and will build on THAT small lot! All these photos are in Old Greenwich. I’ve not done a Riverside collection and I just did a very small sampling of OG, for sure!

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