Why God Created Man


Man Good. Man Lift Box. Man Open Box. Man put together chair inside box. Man put box in garage. Man good.

Woman appreciates man. Very much.


This is going to be my new office chair. Right now I’m sitting on a former breakfast table chair that is uncomfortable as hell, with cane seating that is so bad it required me buying a whoopie cushion-like ass support.

Now I can lean back and think as I write which, I’ve been told, can be a dangerous thing. During Sunday brunch we were talking about my blog and I was asked how I would describe EOSr. I hemmed and hawed then Mr. EOS said, in his witty brilliance, It’s a Literary Seinfeld. The whole table laughed in agreement. So, before anyone else thinks Literary Seinfeld is a great blog title, I secured the domain at Go Daddy. Yeh baby. I own two domains now.

4 thoughts on “Why God Created Man

  1. Hi from California. I hear from my neighbor that I’m missing the first real spring day back in Greenwich.

    I have that chair in white. Big mistake (the white, not the chair). The chair is very comfortable. I bought mine after my husband died and with my son here in California, I had to pay someone to put it together.

    I spy a beautiful new foyer light fixture. You bought one and hung it without telling us? Tsk tsk.

    Love the Literary Seinfeld name.

    1. It is perfect here today. Only Dawg is struggling a bit. She doesn’t do to well in the heat.

      Good eye spying the glass jar light fixture. It was from Wayfair of all places. About $200. It’s quite nice in the space. I gave up looking at expensive ones. Of course, now I have the Wayfair dot com song ad stuck in my head.

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