A New Title for Hillary Clinton

Fashion Muse, according to the fine writers at People Magazine. 


Hillary agreed to pose for Katy Perry’s Instagram feed for Katy’s new shoe line, and this pink shoe in particular, The Hillary.

I wonder if the glitter inside the lucite heel is leftover from what as SUPPOSED to be dropped from the “glass ceiling” on the night of her assumed victory. Heh.


Of course, there are those who are still grieving Hillary’s loss. Die-hard progressives like this guy, Peter Daou, a Hillary ’08 advisor, so he’s been on the losing side for a LONG time, is still crying. Re-tweeted 4,000 times with the hashtag #I’mSTILLwithHer. Pathetic.

Hillary is busy busy busy these days, not just being a fashion model but speaking at forums, saying outright that her loss was because she’s a successful woman and society doesn’t like successful women. You go with that Hillary. Perhaps it’s the only way she can sleep at night, by convincing herself her loss is because society doesn’t reward successful women. Doink.



8 thoughts on “A New Title for Hillary Clinton

    1. I had to contain myself from reaching into the tv and punching Hillary when I saw some of her conversations in the Women Blame Men For Everything forum. It was pathetic. Ugly. Self serving. Demeaning to smart women. Demeaning to smart men. Hillary lives in a world where she’s number one. For me, Hillary is full of number two.

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