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Social media is going berserk over an incident on a United flight last night from ORD to Louisville KY. Seems the flight was overbooked and despite requests to passengers to take $800 for the inconvenience of being bumped, something went awry.

Apparently four crew members had to also get to Louisville on that flight so the conflict began.

One passenger took the video and well, it isn’t pretty.

The guy who took and posted the Twitter feed said that when no one volunteered to get off the plane, United CHOSE who to take. I can’t quite believe this scenario but what strikes me as awful as the video is that everyone FIRST wanted to take video of it and no one got up and objected. No one said, take me, don’t drag that man. I think the other passengers were complicit. I’d never let a fellow passenger suffer that kind of indignity. Would you?

I suspect United is going to have a whole lot of ‘splaining to do.

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  1. oh my, why was this happening? That man ain’t an animal oh my …. not a great way to do business and certainly no one oppose to that… 😦

    1. Isn’t it awful!! To hear the man screaming is hard to bear. United, no matter how badly they needed to get crew to Louisville, did this passenger wrong. Big time.

      1. the degree of damage in regard to this incident is more than awful…oh what if it was one of my family members involve… this is absolutely medieval

  2. What I can’t figure out from the video is that a guy in plain clothes seems to be doing most of the physical stuff to the passenger while the two uniform officers just watch. I wonder if he was local PD as well or a United employee?

  3. Totally outrageous, is that the wife that follows him out?
    This is an example of a security guard/police without BRAINS
    And no concept of right or wrong.
    What’s next? I’m standing in the checkout line at closing time 6pm,
    At 6:01 the loudspeaker says closed, security comes and drags me out of the store
    Sound like a retirement plan….big payback.

    1. I think it is his wife but no one has verified, that I’ve seen. Tyler Bridges, one of the many who posted a video, was on Mornings with Maria and he said, when asked by Maria how to assign blame percentage wise, he said some of the blame should be aimed at the passenger who dug in his heels and refused to budge. I wonder if at any point the passenger calculated the publicity value for being dragged off versus going willingly. I have to assume it popped into his brain. He will most assuredly get a fat paycheck from a settlement or a lawsuit.

  4. maybe I am naive, but he said he had patients to see the next morning and could not miss the flight. So I don’t think he was looking for a payout.

    1. I heard him say that too. I’ve not seen any identification of the man, if he really is a doctor, and if he really was on his way to see patients.

      1. Thanks to ZeroHedge:

        MalteseFalcon Apr 11, 2017 1:03 PM
        And finally there is this courtesy of the Daily Mail via Drudge.

        I’m guessing that the victim had the temerity not to sign the gag order he was proffered at the airport. And while you read this ask yourself how this (truthful?) information was obtained so quickly.

        Doctor dragged off United flight was felon who traded prescription drugs for secret gay sex with patient half his age and took them himself – and he needed anger management, was ‘not forthright’ and had control issues, psychiatrist found
        Dr David Dao’s troubled medical past is revealed in court documents
        His wife Teresa – also a doctor – reported him to medical authorities and his secret inappropriate gay relationship with a patient was revealed
        Father of five, 69, was convicted of a felony – but avoided prison time – because he was giving the man prescription drugs in return for gay sex
        He denied the gay sex even though he was caught on camera shirtless and in his pants with Brian Case, his lover, 26, who was a fellow worshiper at his church
        Psychiatrist found he had series of issues including lacking ‘the foundation to navigate difficult situations’
        One doctor wrote that he ‘he would unilaterally chose to do his own thing’
        He only got his licence back after agreeing to be drug tested and polygraphed
        United are facing a furious backlash and boycott calls over the video
        Their stock price plunged as Wall Street reacted to passenger fury also reveals that the airline told staff he had ‘tried to strike law enforcement’ – despite no evidence for that on the video
        Read more:

        I still say United sucks

  5. Media making a big deal over fact that man dragged off plane has done serious felony arrests in 2005. Following Tweet Storm mixed. Most say his previous criminal behavior is irrelevant. I agree.

    1. I found the other comment in the Spam folder. and I’ve noted it as NOT spam so it should be there now. It’s very rare for WP to toss a known commenter in the spam zone. Not sure if it was because of the length or the link.Sorry.

    2. So many stories. So little time. Whatever the truth, United needs to hire a new disaster spokesman. Their initial response sucked beyond belief.

      Unfortunately for me, United is my primary carrier and flies regularly out of HPN to ORD when I wend my way to MLI. I also have their Visa card.

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