You Hockey Puck You. **Plus, A Discussion of US Airstrike on Syria**

NOTE: With news last night of the US airstrike on a Syrian airbase, comments have evolved a bit into that conversation. Rather than a new post, we can segue from Rickles to bombs. 

Don Rickles, Mr. Warmth, died today, age 90. No better insult comic, well, maybe other than Joan Rivers.


To me, this quote of his summarizes his comedy and how it differs so vastly from the comics today, like Amy Schumer and Samantha Bee who just spew hate.

If I were to insult people and mean it, that wouldn’t be funny, there is a difference between an actual insult and just having fun.

Rickles on close friend Frank Sinatra – “When you enter a room, you have to kiss his ring. I don’t mind, but he has it in his back pocket.” Now that’s funny!!

Those who knew him well said he was a warm loving and devoted friend, someone always there if you needed. This YT video of a 1974 Tonight Show lets us see the warmer side of Don. And of course his insult comedy.

They don’t made comedians like Rickles anymore. Or Joan Rivers. Or or or…Honestly, I hate the comedy of today, with very few exceptions.

36 thoughts on “You Hockey Puck You. **Plus, A Discussion of US Airstrike on Syria**

  1. I hadn’t heard this news. Between the golf and the Chinese president landing and the Gorsuch nuclear option, this obit slipped by my eyes. Thanks for sharing it.

    You could tell Rickles never meant his insults as hate.

  2. OT: Speaking of insults, how is it Trump is considering war in Syria or removal of Assad when he campaigned on staying out of the ME?

        1. I’ve never read American Free Press. The comments section – whoa, didn’t care for that. I like a pissing match in comments but those readers seems a little off to me.

          McCain. No words for the man. He can’t stop hating on Trump.

        2. I read this a something very different from the “going in with guns blazing”response that the dems and neocons are jonesing for:
          “The process by which Assad would leave is something that requires an international community effort both to first defeat ISIS within Syria, to stabilize the Syrian country to avoid further civil war and then to work collectively with our partners around the world through a political process that would lead to Assad leaving,” Tillerson said at a news conference in Palm Beach, Fla.

          (and you thought the other comments were bad)

        3. I’m up early and watching several tv channels to get a sense of reaction. Holy cow, Pelosi and Schumer approve of the strike.

          CNN and MSNBC have moved on from the strike to “what’s next”. I watched BBC for awhile around 5am and I understand the U.K. and Australia approve as well.

          ‘Carefully measured strike’ is how I’m hearing it overall. The Trump haters are saying that because the US advised Russia of the strike it furthers the Trump-Russia-collusion theory. Oy.

  3. I’m up early too but learned of Syrian strike last night. Tulsi Gabbard Senator from Hawaii disapproves of strike. I can’t find her exact comment. CNN this morning is hung up on the fact that 7 people died in attack. CNN would rather Assad to continue killing innocents I guess.

    Many of the channels went on air with their 6am crew at the 5am hour. Says they all want to be heard on the strike. CNN pulled out David Gregory for the foray.

    1. I’m watching Morning Joe while waiting for the coffee to perk. I wanted to see how far afield they’d throw Trump. I haven’t heard much support. David Ignatius from WaPo said “Trump used the least volatile strike option presented to him by Mattis”. How would David Ignatius know what options Mattis presented to Trump? He wouldn’t.

      Here’s the longer version of what Gabbard said. If memory serves me, she was a Bernie supporter.

      Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Thursday ripped the Trump administration’s decision to launch an attack on Syrian military targets as reckless and “short-sighted.”

      “This administration has acted recklessly without care or consideration of the dire consequences of the United States attack on Syria without waiting for the collection of evidence from the scene of the chemical poisoning,” she said in a statement.

      “It angers and saddens me that President Trump has taken the advice of war hawks and escalated our illegal regime change war to overthrow the Syrian government. This escalation is short-sighted and will lead to more dead civilians, more refugees, the strengthening of al-Qaeda and other terrorists, and a possible nuclear war between the United States and Russia.”

      1. Joe and Mika have already left the Syria convo. It’s not their thing to say something nice about Trump so they are delving deep into Bannon leaving and their perceived Kushner in-fighting.

        I approve Trump’s action. Targeted. Accurate. Some tho are saying the strike didn’t take out any of Syrian capability to continue the chemical attacks on their own people. I see Trump’s strike as a message that there IS a red line.

  4. Strange juxtaposition of Rickles and Syria. I’d change the headline to “A discussion of US air strike on Syria”. Yours makes it sound as if Syria did the striking.

    I was going to make a comment on Rickles but it doesn’t seem fitting now that you are talking bombs.

    1. Good points, all. I was too lazy to start a separate post when many comments in this thread were about the attack.

      By all means, if you have a Rickles story to share, please do.

      UPDATE: I’ve changed headline per your suggestion. Thanks.

  5. How will the liberal talking heads continue their Russia stole the election Trump is in bed with Putin diatribe with the strike that Putin condemns?

    1. Heh, hadn’t thought about that. I’m sure CNN and MSNBC will find a way to twist Putin’s disapproval of the action into Trump telling Putin was the secret handshake.

      1. Let’s not forget both Kerry and Rice told us that Syrian chemicals were all gone.

        “In January, Susan Rice Assured NPR the Obama Admin Removed Chemical Weapons From Syria”

  6. Breaking News:

    Sec Tillerson: Steps are underway to form an international coalition to remove Syrian dictator. #Breaking

    NOT what I want to hear.

    1. Jobs are way off target too. A huge miss for Trump’s economy. Only 98k on a projected 180k. Trump is going to have some explaining to do with both Tillerson remark and jobs numbers.

      My husband is bummed you removed the travel post.

  7. More bad news. Stockholm police reporting a truck mowed down people. Another terror attack. I haven’t h and if there are fatalités but if it’s a truck, for sure people died.

  8. I simply do not understand the mentality that requires people to kill their fellow humans whatever the method, gas, vehicle, bomb etc.

  9. Back in the day, there would have been insightful comments by the score on Chris fountain’ s blog. No more. New format is evidently accessible by some small segment of his commentariat, which does not include me. My contribution was minimal, but there are dozens, perhaps, now excluded, who provide the breadth and depth of FWIW’s site. So, EOS, now it’s yours. For sure, I still love reading what CF writes. Much of his commentary is brilliant. Like having an old friend who no longer answers the phone when I call. Sad.

    1. Edgewater, I’ve had some time to think how to respond. First, I’m delighted you are joining the gang at EOSr. We do have fun but as you said so well, there is NO ONE who writes as well as CF. He’s a master of words, a master of thought, a master of snark….brilliant is the understatement. I’m not sure why his following has decreased since he added Disqus to his blog. I don’t find the format at all cumbersome or difficult to use but I guess I’m in the minority. I think it’s the lack of Anons there that changed the flavor of the comments, from a wide variety to, as you said, us usual boring suspects. All that said, I still make FWIW a habit, one I can’t ever see giving up, until CF gives up, and I doubt that’ll happen.

      I’m not sure if I understand you correctly – you tried posting as Edgewater at FWIW and couldn’t or decided not to get a Disqus account?

      1. I opened a Diqus account solely to participate in FWIW. Had to change my screen name in order to do it. Seems there’s another Swanton out there.
        And, why do I have to keep signing in to this blog when I want to reply? My details used to just pop up.

        1. I asked WP that very question because others (maybe Martha?) said they had to constantly log in. WP Happy Engineers were clueless. It could be your end, that you clear your cookies? I do not have any setting that would require you to keep signing in. Sorry for the headache. It’s a pain.

  10. My details show up on the iPad ( I corrected my email info) but they didn’t when I was using a MacBook Pro. Strange.

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