Bad EOS, bad.

I like to think of myself as an incredibly organized woman, I like things when they are in place, and while not remotely OCD, I do like seeing drawers and closets neat and, well, organized.

So how on earth did I let two of my office this and that drawers end up like this????

The top drawer houses pens, pencils, stamps, rubber bands, paper clips, the stapler, scotch tape, an old address book and return address labels.  But somehow I lost control.

Pencils, lots of pencils for Mr. EOS who swears every time he reaches for a pencil, it’s either broken or missing. I have both mechanical and regular pencils, to keep him placated. I can’t think of the last time I’ve wanted to or needed to use a pencil. You?

Large assortment of post-its and stickers. A half-attached pencil sharpener, not helpful for the new Number 2 pencils there!

The middle drawer has envelopes, extra pens, a stash of birthday cards, some envelopes from cards and the card is gone but the envelope remains. There are a ton of magnetic fridge clips but my SubZ stainless door isn’t magnetic so these are obviously very old but are here in the drawer nonetheless.

There are post cards bought but never sent. Sheets for printing labels (that no matter how I try and print, they are NEVER even…..)

There are more bags of rubber bands, extra large ones, for what reason, I’m not sure.

Index cards, big ones. Leftover from children who studied for exams maybe?

Two pencils are GLUED to the organizer drawer and there’s a band-aid. For what? I don ‘t know. Sharpies that are probably all dried up. Some fancy Japanese tape (on the right there) that is pretty but has limited uses. Ink for the fountain pens.

One pencil is glued to an envelope opener. But there’s NO GLUE in the drawer. Huh.

It’s RAINING again today, miserable miserable miserable for my achy joints, but I am caught up on paying bills and taxes, house is clean, laundry done so regrettably I have NO excuses to stop me from tackling these drawers today. Stay tuned to see if I Say Yes To the Clean-up, or say hey, how about another day!

So I am on a roll, I decided No Time Like The Present to clean out the drawers. Starting with the middle drawer, I’ve unearthed some funny, now obsolete things that I could probably get good money for on eBay. First Class. Ha. Fax, like what’s that??


Found a hole punch. Must have been from the days of volunteering so much, chairs of committees when I typed Minutes to send out. Ha.

The breakfast table is now covered in piles of things unearthed from the middle drawer. Gonna be a while before I get it looking decent. In hindsight, I wish I had a few organizer inserts so I don’t just put things back only to get messy again. Oh well, I can get those another day. Not going to run errands on such a rainy day.


Found two of the same birthday card so I guess I thought it was funny enough to buy again, surely not knowing one was stashed in the pile at home.

Not sure who I was buying this for! Yikes!!



Calling it a day with one drawer done. The top drawer takes MUCH more thought and buying some organizers etc. I sorted all the cards and put them in piles – birthday, Valentines, Christmas money pockets. Legal and regular envelopes secured with the large rubber bands I had. Glad I got them. The hole punch and ink stamps are in the bottom drawer now. The index cards are on the left side, standing upright. A pile of odd stickers and dots, in the back left. Old school and church directories bundled. Two owners manuals on top. P1060929

Back to watching the Two G’s: Gorsuch and Golf.


7 thoughts on “Bad EOS, bad.

  1. You do NOT want to see my office drawers, or closets. I am not organized at all. It was my husband who was very organized and who insisted on keeping things in their right place. Your drawers look perfect compared to mine.

    The weather is hard to bear mentally.

  2. My drawers are a mess too but I give up an let them be messy. The concession I make to having young children who take more of my time than keeping drawers organized.

  3. Your desk drawers look fine. You know where to find things like pencils, cards, etc. They’re in one of two drawers. That spells organized to me.
    Desk drawers don’t bother me but desk tops do. Mine is so cluttered I’ll have to use the kitchen table for desk work soon.
    Then, there’s that kitchen drawer. The one with keys kept just in case I ever identify what they open, three flat head screwdrivers but no Phillips heads, a paper measuring tape from IKEA,…
    Another day of grim weather. Heaviest rain to start later today. At least it isn’t raining at Augusta. Will spend the afternoon watching the Masters.

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