Damn. To Think I could have gone to Stanford too!

In answer to the question “What matters to you, and why?” on his Stanford application, Ziad Ahmed made his point. The Muslim teen from Princeton, New Jersey, wrote #BlackLivesMatter 100 times.



Of course, in 1966, college apps would not have recognized the term Black Lives Matter but I see the error in my ways – I should have been more daring and gone with #CheerleadersLivesMatter or #PopularWhiteGirlsLivesMatter.

As it was, I only got into ONE college and I bet my dad had to bribe them to take me. I confess I was not ready for college when I was told I had to go. It took me getting kicked out (for not attending class and getting an F on a test because the professor had never seen me before), moving back East, getting a great job at TV Guide, and eventually going back to college and graduating with honors to realize I should have paid attention in high school, but some of us are slow learners. That would be me.

Do I think Stanford should be proud that a Muslim activist writes BlackLivesMatter  on an essay and their admissions officer finds that so wonderful they admit him? No, not at all. I assume he’s probably got good grades as well, Princeton Country Day is a decent enough school, but honestly Stanford, isn’t this lowering your standards a wee bit??

13 thoughts on “Damn. To Think I could have gone to Stanford too!

  1. I’d think the BLM people would be up in arms that the kid writing it isn’t even black. Or does that not matter either? I’m so confused about what does matter.

  2. I’ve been a blog lurker here since you began but this post is the first that’s called me to comment.

    The acceptance by Stanford is not surprising at all. Most top tier colleges today want the public to see them as diverse above all. There’s not chance a suburban white boy would have been accepted with the same #BLM “essay”. I also note that the only time a video or story goes viral when a kid who gets accepted by every Ivy is when the teen is Black or other. White boys and girls need not apply.

    My husband is Stanford class of 1969, served for years Class Agent, helped with fundraising, interviewed prospective students in our then Virginia home. Henry was ballistic at this story. If the kid has good grades and is otherwise Stanford material, okay, but to create a faux essay for publicity is beyond the pale.

    BTW, I was kicked out of college in 1969, my senior year, for drinking. My father didn’t care at all because he said he knew I’d be married within a year. I was, to handsome Henry from Stanford. We’re shy of 50 years together.

    1. Babs, what a treat to know you are commenting for the first time today. I have a lot of lurkers and as I like to say Lurkers Lives Matter here too! 🙂

      Quite the comment – I think most people our age would be troubled by such a flippant essay answer. It’s hardly well thought out and doesn’t answer the second half of the essay question, why. On that basis alone I would have thrown out his application. It’s obvious he can’t follow instructions and is at college to make a bigger name for himself, not to be part of a learning group.

      As for being a member of the Tossed Out of College Sorority, cheers! My dad wasn’t worried about me either and was surprised when I told him I was ready to go back to college. I didn’t expect him to pay for it, but he did. Thankfully.

      Thanks so much for penning your first thoughts. Keep it up.

  3. Just validates what we have seen this year. Son #1 got rejected by every top tier school he applied to here in the US except for his mother’s alma mater, where he was put on the waiting list as a courtesy. So it’s off to Oxford for him. Have heard way too many horror stories this past week of great kids we know who are very strong students not getting in to these schools because they have no “hook”.

    1. White boys are getting the shaft big time and not just by being rejected at colleges. Companies don’t want white boys either. I’m sorry your son was turned down but happy for him that he will get a rich and full education abroad.

      And by hook you mean he isn’t a minority or doesn’t carry a cause. Sad sad. All this crappy Virtue Signaling has to stop.

  4. Malia got in to Harvard (and probably every other place she applied) because she’s an avowed liberal who will fit right in. Same with the kid from Princeton. Liberals, even ones who don’t have a 4.0 GPA, get in if they can show they “care”.

    The girl who got into all 8 Ivies is black. Not to diminish her acceptances but one has to wonder had her name been Jane Smith from New Canaan, would there be a viral video?

    1. I do think Liberal has something to do with acceptances. If Jane Smith shows she volunteered at the New Canaan hospital for years or helped the homeless in Fairfield country towns, she’d never get the attention of an admissions officer, even though what she’s doing is most admirable. The photo of the Stanford boy with Hillary was his golden ticket. Jane Smith with a photo next to Trump, even had she single-handedly started and run a campaign for him in New Canaan, would be rejected. Politics, pure politics today of who gets in.

  5. Just saw your post re at&t at FWIW. The tricks on this website have saved me a lot of time and frustration. Find the specific company you want and follow the instructions exactly.

    There is another site with a very similar name that charges $ to do the job for you, but I thing this free site is easier to use and has worked well for me. As always though, YMMV.


    1. Wow, thanks. I could have used you at 7 o’clock this morning as I started my arduous task of speaking to a human.

      PS: I opened your link and found the ATT number. Lo and behold, it IS the number where I finally Got a Human. Not only was the number right, but how to get the human was right too. The woman who eventually helped me told me to get her back, dial that 2747 number then press 0 in rapid succession. Thanks again Mark. I’m going to bookmark the site.

    2. Used to always go to FWIW but no more. Hate new format. Wish he’d go back to former (Word Press?) format. Note to EOS: don’t change!

      1. It’s not a problem for me because I have had a Disqus handle for years but I know it’s not easy for others. No plan to change or leave WP. I’m paid for the whole of 2017 so you are assured of that long, at lest.

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