Staples is next


From the WSJ (I’d link the article but if you don’t subscribe, you can’t get through their paywall).

Staples Inc. is exploring a sale, less than a year after its effort to merge with rival retailer Office Depot Inc. failed on antitrust grounds.
The Framingham, Mass., office-supplies seller is in talks with a small number of possible private-equity bidders, according to people familiar with the matter. The talks are early and it is possible they won’t lead to a deal, the people cautioned.

I rarely go into Staples anymore. Do you? I mean, reams of paper are at grocery stores and CVS now. Same with pens. No one is buying a new laptop or printer every six months and calendars, well, I bet I’m one of only a handful of people who even still uses a paper calendar.

The last Staples I was in was in Wilmington because my mom DID need a new printer. We were the only ones in the place,  a sea of red-shirted employees rushed to greet us, asking us if we needed help. Well, that’s better than being at Home Depot, needing help, and not finding a soul, so for that, I give Staples some credit.

But Staples is a business that just doesn’t get the masses anymore. I can order everything I want online at Amazon and have it in two days so why schlep to brick and mortar Staples? I do know that you can order online at Staples and get fast delivery so they are trying to compete with Amazon, but when the entire business model is archaic, no amount of merging is going to save Staples. By bye Staples. Nice knowing ya.

In other news, the blog seems to be back up and running although it took conversations with Go Daddy, WordPress and Chrome. Like Democrats, no one wanted to take responsibility for the breakdown so when all else fails, I turned the computer off, waited twelve hours, and voila.

To reader spqr2, I asked WordPress why you saw the Private Blog. They searched and saw at no time did I choose to go private (even accidentally) so I have no answer. Sorry, only glad you didn’t give up. Thanks.

And in even more exciting news, Andrea Mitchell is going to interview Susan Rice at 12 noon today. Here’s a sample of the questions I expect from Mitchell:

  1. How much do you hate that Hillary lost and now you are getting caught?
  2. Did Obama or Hillary put you up to this?
  3. What did you have for breakfast today?
  4. Did you get your free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone?

16 thoughts on “Staples is next

  1. I miss Blockbuster more than I care to admit. When the kids were teens, we made a trip to Blockbuster our Friday night out. We’d get pizza, then stroll over and pick a handful of movies. Remember the charges for not rewinding or panicking when you realized you had three minutes to get the tape in the return slot or get a late fee? Staples is not a place to meet and greet others like Blockbuster was. It’s not unique enough to draw costumers in continually. I agree it will fail.

    Not going to watch Mitchell interview Rice. What a joke.

    I was always able to open your blog so I didn’t see the problem.

  2. I miss the old stationery store where you could go and look at the pens, various papers, cards, etc. Now, with virtually everything electronic and beyond the back-in-the-day etiquette strictures, those items are almost extinct. That said, Staples was/is never a place to linger – pick up your ream of copy paper, hope the interaction with the disinterested/mildly annoyed clerk isn’t too painful and get out.

    1. Mount Kisco was once home to not one but TWO incredible emporiums. First and foremost, Fox and Sutherland, run by Cal Fox. It sold records, books, pens, stationery, maps, cameras – you could browse all day and never want to leave. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable in the department they worked in – it was a gem.

      Then there was Bedford Barn – clothing mostly, but gifts, cards for every occasion. It was another fantastic place. Gone.

      Funnily, in searching for photos of Fox and Sutherland, I came across my OWN post from 2011 when Borders was closing. I looked that the photos and said, gee those look familiar and whatya know, they were tagged EOSredux. Yay me!

  3. I took a bullet for the team and watched Andrea Mitchell’s interview. This sums up what she said. I can’t take credit for the clever comment. I saw it online.
    “There was no unmasking.
    There was unmasking, but it was okay.
    It wasn’t okay, but I didn’t leak.
    I leaked, but it was okay because reasons.”

    1. Jane, I owe you. I couldn’t watch. I knew it would be nothing but kumbaya. I gotta hand it to the Dems. They got crooked down pat and know how to get away with murder and mayhem.

    1. Mags was from Australia and had a fun blog. She stopped blogging in about 2013/14 when she was caring for her ill father. Priya hailed from India and came to me from another blog and she wrote a book that I bought. I have no idea what she’s up to today. Yes, no doubt years ago I had so many more unique readers, lots of fellow WP bloggers. I’ve explained it before. It’s my fault they aren’t here today because I no longer follow any WP blogs myself. That’s how it happens. You follow and make blog friends and the mutual admiration society of commenting happens.

    2. If I remember, Nathan Hale was me, so he/I/we are still here. (Yale, spy on British culture in NYC, patriot, etc)

      I enjoy the dog/kitchen/home blog entries, even if I say I don’t, so this is a must read daily.

      EOSr does snark nice enough and tolerant enough of my sympathies, that it is a pleasure to weigh in on land and travel issues.

      Thanks for asking.

      1. I knew you were aka Nathan Hale but I didn’t feel it was my right to say so. I figured that was your prerogative.

        Are you happily ensconced in Florida these days? We’ve had a very rainy few days, enough to make my bones ache. Ugh.

        1. Back and forth all the time. Here today, there tomorrow (for real.)

          I drove from Montreal to Florida just before the blizzard. Being weather smart, I took I-81 from Watertown NY (my great grand-father, Lincoln Jamieson, was the Town Clerk there around 1900) to Johnson City, Tenn. to avoid the coastal storm. Storm moved west, as we know, and I drove through ice all the way to S. Carolina. Cold followed me to Jacksonville at 21 degrees F.

          So no need to share the weather. I just finished driving piles in the rain. But I will send some photos for next Friday or whenever.

        2. Oh my THAT was not fun. I call that white knuckle drive. Florida tomorrow will feel pretty darn good, although I read that the whole SE is waterlogged for a bit.

          Your photos always welcome! Looking forward to seeing them.

      1. Mouse: I’ve only heard from Catherine once since she moved to Jackson Hole, and it was right after she moved. I take her absence as she’s so happy in her new life and new location she’s moved on from reading EOSr.

        No news from Bedford Mom either so I don’t know if her husband recovered from his cancer. While I do have her email address from the comments, I would never take advantage of that knowledge and contact her, unless she emailed me first. It’s a privilege I never abuse. Never.

  4. Those long comments in the 2011 entry were from me, before I got to be CosHarbour. Amazing your blog has had the longevity and I’m honored to occasionally submit shots and comments.

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