kendall jenner Saves the World. With One Pepsi, No Coke.


In a new Pepsi commercial out today, Kendall Jenner seems to single-handedly save the Black Lives Matter movement, Blue Lives Matter, the Trans world, the Muslim world, the lesbian world – every minority, or perceived minority, is shown is this insanely stupid ad. I mean, first of all, does anyone believe skinny model Kendall Jenner actually drinks soda? I doubt it seriously.

Here’s the whole ad. I report. You decide. UPDATE: Pepsi has pulled the ad, thus it is no longer viewable here] . I am sure someone saved it for viewing elsewhere.

16 thoughts on “kendall jenner Saves the World. With One Pepsi, No Coke.

  1. Mr. Hot Pockets has a good take. Saw Gaffigan live in Atlanta. He’s a decent comedian who didn’t feel he needed to bash Trump the whole time.

    1. I wondered if Gaffigan was political. Most comics are and it ruins spending $$$ on a ticket only to be lectured. Does he still do Hot Pocket jokes??

    1. I bet Spicer will regret saying that! I didn’t scour the internet, but I was surprised not to see a Tweet from somebody in Philadelphia, buying that Pepsi with their new soda tax.

        1. You should trademark that name or at minimum open a parody Twitter account for Sean! That’s pretty funny. Hey, what are you doing awake at 3:43a Cali time? Insomniac?

        2. Ooohhhhhh, you dupe me so many times. I should have followed the link to see it was a parody account. And to think I almost went to Stanford!!! Ha ha. NB: I couldn’t have found my way to Stamford at age 18.

          No judgement call re time to comment, get home, or wake up. But, whoa, 3:30 rolling in then up for work? You ARE Superman!

  2. 1968 Democratic National Convention, Chicago

    Over the course of five days and nights, the police made numerous arrests, in addition to using tear gas, mace, and batons on the marchers.[1] Hundreds of police officers and protesters were injured. Dozens of journalists covering the actions were also clubbed by police or had cameras smashed and film confiscated. In the aftermath of what was later characterized as a “police riot” by the U.S. National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence,[2] a federal grand jury indicted eight demonstrators and eight police officers.

    Everything old is new again

  3. Pepsi just announced it’s pulling the ad. Discussion online that the ad agency who put this together is really an arm of corporate Pepsi in NY (near you, isn’t it?) The Pepsi CEO isn’t a fan of Trump, if you remember her remarks after he won the presidency so my 15K tweeps say this has the CEO fingerprints of revenge on it. Splash, hand me a Coke please.

    1. Thanks anon. I hadn’t heard that news. Good point too about CEO Noori (sp?). She most definitely sent Trump a message of disapproval.

      I laughed when you mentioned how many Twitter followers you have, not because of that but because of this: when we were in Jamaica, Mr. EOS and I were leaving the terrace after lunch and I can’t remember how or why I said it, but I said “you just passed one million followers”. EVERYONE looked up, assuming they’d find a superstar. We laughed our heads off. I think the most followers I ever had on IG or Twitter was 20-something, and 19 were bots or Russian spies. Good for you to develop a rich following.

      1. Now you got me laughing at what you said in Jamaica. I’ll have to try that sometime. I might put on a sunhat and big shades to get the look of a superstar.

        I’ve been tweeting for a long time and 15k readers is good but some tweeps have hundreds of thousands and more. I’m not that deep.

        You have over 500 blog followers. That’s much better than Twitter followers any day.

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