So Much for gathering Rosebuds

stress-mouse (2)

I planned a couple day retreat, to write the first chapter of the great American blogger’s novel, a comedy in the mode of Erma Bombeck (one of my favs).

To get mentally prepared and unwind, I scheduled some long walks through town parks and along Bedford backroads, carved time to review Strunk and White, and bought a new legal pad for jotting down ideas that come to mind when I’m not at the computer….

Did ANY of that actually happen??? No, thanks to Mother Nature and her desire to rain on my parade. It’s downright miserable again today, cold and rainy, so bad that I may have to try for a blog break do-over this spring, if spring comes without rain.

The mouse photo in the post is not coincidental. The first night of my self-imposed retreat, I thought I heard a mouse squeak by me in the library. I looked up and never saw it and figured it was my rich imagination. I went to bed but dreamed that I DID see the mouse, killed it, or thought I killed it, only to find out it was alive, brought friends back, all of whom grew to be five feet tall, stood over me with guns, their eyes bulging at me, laughing….ha ha, we’re not dead.

Maybe I should write about people who have odd dreams. I do have my fair share. That dream undid me for a few hours so day two of the retreat was pretty much useless mentally.

I did find time to cook – a panoply of veggies sitting in the refrig, including a cabbage and kale sauté to which I added some shredded carrots. Then roasted cauliflower, to which I should have added curry but regrettably added smoked paprika. That does not work, trust me on this.


‘Twixt and ‘tween, I tried out my new ottoman. Breaking News: The Ottoman Empire is Over. It is on its way back to West Elm. The fabric has sharp shards of something woven into it that stick up and prick the skin when your legs or feet are resting on it. I’m so bummed because it was just what I wanted. I called West Elm and explained and they couldn’t have been nicer. I told them I love the look of the piece but that one of their product control peeps needs to run his hand along the top to see what I mean. No questions asked, she said box it back up (yes, I kept all the packaging) and they will arrange UPS to pick it up.


No sooner did I finish my conversation with West Elm then this popped into my email. Yes, I gave Elizabeth five stars. She listened, she understood, and she acted. Can’t ask for more.


So, I’m back. In other news, Dawg has a serious case of stinky dog farts so I’m keeping a box of matches nearby. My accountant said my taxes are ready to pick up. Oh joy. And tonight at 10, an all new Blue Bloods. One of my favorite shows (even knowing that almost every cast member is a Tweeting raging liberal).

Happy Friday. Thanks for being patient whilst I took a break, or tried to take a break!

8 thoughts on “So Much for gathering Rosebuds

  1. The weather is foul across the nation. I have friends in North Carolina who were under a tornado watch today.

    The mouse story is hysterical.

  2. You might need the matches for yourself, depending on how much cabbage you eat. Just sayin..

    Definitely write a funny book. I’d buy it. Your writing is so fluid and comfortable. Go for it.

    1. The rains right now are Ranchipur-like, with enough river swells to see Major Rama Safti swim by. Dawg needed a raincoat to go out and she peed in record time. I think she’ll hold the poop in until morning – she’s that much of a rain-hater.

  3. Since yesterday morning we have had rain to snow to sleet to rain to snow. Just a hair above freezing and I can hear the wind. Can see it, too, in the branches of the 70′ trees around us. Absolutely miserable day.
    May drive along the coast about an hour before high tide in case there’s something to see. Watching the Miami Open tennis now. Tomorrow will be the one good day in a stretch of rotten ones and wouldn’t ya know it, tennis on tv will have Federer vs Nadal in the final. Have to stay in for that.

    1. Friends in Portland Maine sent pix of walloping dump of snow!! Now that’s a bad way to begin spring.
      Just in the last hour here the temps have gone down and the skies have darkened. Ugh.

      Will watch tennis tomorrow.

    1. Trump has a Trump Home line of merchandise? That’s news to me. The list of companies is sure long, some predictable some surprising to see in the list. I’ll comb through it today. Thanks.

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