They can put a man on the moon…..

….but they can’t develop a price tag or bar code sticker that actually comes off???


I bought three new Thermos brand hydration bottles, a new and improved version Amazon said, to add to the the stash of the older version ones, of which I have a bakers dozen. Or HAD a baker’s dozen. They get “borrowed” by others, get left behind, one top disappeared so the bottle was pretty much useless, so I’m down to five of the old and now three of the new. I use the bottles for everything, from a morning protein shake to my standard always-have lemon water to even iced coffee in the summer. They are indispensable. I think my kids are vying for inheriting these more than any sterling silver or brown furniture. They are THAT good.


The new version is a little lighter, has a different top but still excellent in design.


Now, as for that stupid sticker. I’ve let it soak in hot water and that got the sticker off but left behind the residual glue that I’ve tried scrubbing off. Nope. I’ve taken my fingernail to it, but it’s still there.


Oh well, it’s not the end of the world. I think I have some product that’s called Goop Off or something crazy like that. I’ll go get it. It’s probably in the pantry right next to the glue gun! 🙂


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