The Mad mad Mad World of Warning Labels

I bought a cute new footstool at West Elm to put in a reading nook of mine, something a little whimsical and feminine, that I thought would be comfy and pretty at the same time. West Elm had a 30% discount code, so it was a relative bargain.


It arrived this morning and I love it. It is all I wanted it to be. The right height to prop my feet and the right comfort factor, not too hard, not so soft that the pouf collapses unto itself, like some bean bag ottomans do. Tassel-y and light and fun. Perfect.

Then I turned the pouf over and there it was, The Warning Labels. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t contain myself, gnashing my teeth at one in particular……


Do you see what this says? Do not let children inside this “chair”! How could that even happen, that someone would cut open a footstool? Maybe coke dealers wanting to hide a stash, but not your average bear, right? I’m guessing some idiot somewhere ruined this footstool for the rest of us, did cut it open and a child was killed. Otherwise, why even give someone the idea? Makes no sense to me.

The pouf had a banner flag of tags, warning me about this and that…


The most humorous tag, that despite being made in India, is that this product is Fair Trade??? I guess I have to look up Fair Trade to see what it actually means. I know coffee bean growers use the term all the time. Means not using child labor? Is that it?


The sun has deigned to make an appearance today but it’s still chilly, not winter cold but spring brisk. The sun is a good thing and I’ll take it any way I can get.

Happy Hump Day.

4 thoughts on “The Mad mad Mad World of Warning Labels

  1. It’s a Fair Trade Certified™ product—that means that each piece made directly improves the lives of the artisans who crafted it.

    Let us know if your life has been improved with this purchase – if not, then where’s the fair trade?

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