Taking a Short Blog Break

intermission 02

Leaving you for a couple of days, to gather some rosebuds. Be back to blogging either late Friday or Saturday morning. I trust you’ll miss me terribly.

Hopefully I left you enough cud to chew on whilst I’m gone. Be good. Toodles.

PS: I will check on Comments and reply – just won’t be putting up any new posts until I get back. Got it?

10 thoughts on “Taking a Short Blog Break

        1. 1. How does a video like that get 8million hits???
          2. The music: I know the second half background music was Bennie Hill. Was the first half The Newlywed Game? Or The Gong Show?

        2. Sorry. The first half was Spanish Flea (sampled Newlywed Game, Dating Game, even insufferable Gong Show – no match). Second half was Yakety Sax which makes everything better:

  1. Is that the reference?
    Or the painting, or the film, you are getting some sleds, cause snow is coming?

    1. All of the above? Love that movie, one of Robin Williams’ best parts. Plus, damn it’s so cold and rainy, but luckily not snow, although it’s barely warm enough for it to be rain.

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