Redneck Glue


When life throws you a challenge, clever people attempt a fix, not a replace. A McGyver move. 

Can you turn the volume down now please? Well, actually I can’t!
This little incident came about because the volume button on the MBR remote was stuck – it took a lot of doing to change the volume. The other buttons worked so I knew it wasn’t the batteries, so I set about cleaning the remote, using the tip of a paperclip to clean around the buttons where dust bunnies gather.

In my zeal to clean, the button popped out. Now my goose is cooked!

I figured this was the time to get out the hot glue gun, but could I find it? Nope. I use it maybe once a decade but alas, the one time I need it, it is among the missing. I saw a bag of glue sticks, but not the gun. Did I loan it to someone and didn’t get it back? Who knows.

I thought about trying Gorilla Glue but I couldn’t even OPEN the Gorilla Glue bottle. That was out.

Now, reasonable people would ask Why not just get a new remote, dummy? The answer is simple. The new Cablevision remote MOVED the Favorites button to a teeny thing way up on the left, impossible to reach easily. Old fat hands liked where the Favorites button was, and why it had to be moved is beyond me.

So, I’m keeping the old remote and for now, until a better solution is determined, one red rubber band it is. It works!!

9 thoughts on “Redneck Glue

  1. I laughed out loud. Very clever. I have one of the new Cablevision remotes and agree the Favorites button is difficult to see and push.

    1. Isn’t the new remote awful? I only have one, thankfully, and it’s for a small TV under the counter in the kitchen so it’s not one I use the Favorites button anyway. Talk about if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  2. If you have multiple remotes, you know the other ones, like the one that came with the TV — that you could use just for the volume control. In case your elastic breaks.

    1. Good point. I do have the original TV remote, up on a shelf near the TV. I haven’t used it for a 1000 years. I think I keep it around in case of emergency, like this!

  3. Not to correct you but if you were to McGyver the remote, wouldn’t you be making a new remote out of cobbled together parts of other things around the house?

    1. I believe you are right. I never watched McGyver so I don’t know his MO but from the Final Jeopardy recently (that I didn’t get), the gist of the clue was that he fashioned something new from old parts around the house, not that he repaired something. I stand corrected.

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