Call me crazy but if you post a photo of your closet where the jewel safe is…..

No one wants to be robbed, obviously, and when it happens it must be traumatic to know someone was in your home, rummaging through things. It would unglue me, for sure.

Actress and liberal activist (aren’t those synonymous today?) Emmy Rossum had her LA home broken into and the safe opened. The burglars took $150k of jewelry.

Not to diminish the severity of the crime, but like so many other stars, Emmy has a huge following on Instagram. Emmy not only posted photos of her LA closet but also posted photos of herself in Vancouver, on a film shoot.

One report is that the burglars found the combination to the safe left out in plain sight. I’m not buying that theory at all. She may be a liberal screaming mimi, but she can’t be THAT naive.

Hey burglars. Here’s the safe. Have at it. The combination is on the shelf next to my boots. Thanks. 

Other photos of her away from home, in Jackson Hole. Here she is, not home. Hellooooooooooooooooooo.


On Twitter, Emmy thanked the LAPD but if I were a detective working on the case, I’d suggest to this brain trust that she might NOT want to post photos of inside her home (there are several) and of all the places she is to show she isn’t in LA. She has a boyfriend/fiancé, but he either doesn’t live in or is on the road himself.

Burglars cut off the power to the home, the Daily Mail article says.

Her housekeeper reportedly visited the home on Wednesday and everything was normal. When she returned on Friday, the power was out and a back door had been smashed in.

I’m not Hercule Poirot, but if burglars cut the power to a home and the actress says there is an alarm system, wouldn’t the outage trip the alarm system anyway?

Someone had to have cased the joint pretty carefully to (a) know where the power source is and how to cut it off without being electrocuted and (b) must have know what days the housekeeper comes and goes. They also must be safe crackers or brought tools to open the safe and had to know that the safe was in the closet.

I smell an inside job.

I’m not sure I could return to a house that had been robbed. I think I’d forever feel unsafe or be watching my back. What say you?

PS: Emmy, time to stop Instragramming.

4 thoughts on “Call me crazy but if you post a photo of your closet where the jewel safe is…..

  1. Instagram is an excellent tool for stalkers and burglars.

    Emmy strikes me as a young foolish woman. She is on board with every liberal cause, hates Trump like all self-declared elites do, and sets herself up above the rest. None of this is to say she deserved getting robbed but I think you nailed it when you called her naïve.

    Has to be an inside job.

  2. Having lived in a gentrification neighborhood. First home I owned, bought a condo. On the plus side it had winter water views. I was Burglarized and so was Emma. Robbery is when you are home. I had it happened 3 times. I could not move, I owned the place, well, the bank owned the place I had my first mortgage. I can remember a co-worker saying how can you stand that someone went thru all your stuff. They only wanted what they could use. My cash, stereo, camera, bike, wrapped Christmas gifts. The expensive part was getting the door repaired, the window re-done and getting the bars installed. Oh yeah and then my homeowner insurance dropped me! I was young, you get along, live and learn. The other 6 condo units were also robbed over the course of time by various points of entry.

    1. Your story makes so many good points. First and foremost the distinction between robbery and burglary. I knew there was one but I didn’t research it before poorly writing the blog post. And secondly, and more importantly, I didn’t mean to imply that I could have moved if I had been broken into so apologies if I sounded like that was an option.
      Break-ins are scary and it happens in every kind of neighborhood- newly gentrified or high end for a long time.
      Thanks for correcting me and making good points.

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