So Much for if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

My Audi Q5 got a safety recall notice for a sunroof problem. Ok, I’ve not noticed any problem, no leak, nothing but I needed a 35k service appointment so I combined the two into one early morning drive into Greenwich.


Audi also is recalling 2011-2017 Q5 SUVs because the sunroof drainage system can allow water to soak into the foam surrounding the side air bag inflators. That could cause the inflator to rupture and spew metal fragments into the vehicle. The recall affects 234,054 vehicles.

A couple of hours later, my service advisor says all is fine, that I should think about getting new tires, and that the sunroof recall part was installed. Thank you. Good bye.

Of course, no more than a hour after being home, the calls come in – Were you happy with your service appointment? Three separate calls and one text, the text from the advisor himself. The other two from people whose job it is to make such awful calls.  Regrettably, I answered fine in every case.

Fast forward to yesterday, a call from Peter, the advisor. He said the clip is in. Huh? What clip? He said there was a part they didn’t install for the sunroof repair and could I come in today, Saturday.

One of the kids has been working in PortChester so I asked him if he would/could take the Audi from me and drop it off this morning. Sure Ma.

He gets to the Audi service this morning only to find out it’s not a clip, but that while removing what parts they had to to repair the sunroof, the technician BROKE the sunroof rails and what has to be installed is a whole new sunroof rail system. Not exactly a clip.

Mind you, I told Peter at my original service appointment that I noticed no problem with the sunroof but he said legally Audi is obliged to make the repairs. Ok, I get that.

Now, to further confuse me, when the car was at Audi today, my son was told that I had already made an appointment for Wednesday morning for the replacement. He called me and asked if I had. Um, no, I did not make an appointment.

Peter is off today and calling Audi service on Saturday morning is like thinking there will be no line at Shake Shack. The best I could do is leave a message for Peter to call me Monday morning. Only he can unravel the confusion.

I’ll tell you though, if the sunroof starts to leak or now has problems, I’m not going to be happy.

The irony of all this fiasco is the original recall letter states if the water damage system of the sunroof becomes damaged or impaired (such as during a repair)…..So which comes first, the repair or the leak? I go back to my original thought – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


17 thoughts on “So Much for if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  1. Owning an Audi is what drove me to buy an Acura. I liked the Audi but thought it spent too much time in the shop.

    Those people at Acura can make cars. Change the oil when it asks, go back to the dealer when the lease is up in three years, get new Acura, rinse and repeat. On my fourth car with them now.

    1. I haven’t spent a dime on this car since I bought it in 2013. It still is covered under the original maintenance agreement. That means all oil parts and service items are free. I think the contract time ends pretty soon so I’ll see after that what things cost.
      I test drove an Acura before buying the Q5. Liked it but liked the Audi more. I see lots of Acura’s around so a lot of people must agree with your assessment.

        1. Ha. That video so reminds me of my days on the Vineyard when there was an annual Demolition Derby in Gay Head. Junker salt-rotted cars were a dime a dozen in people’s yards so you can imagine the gusto at which people attempted to crash into their opponents. Good times. Good times.

        1. I googled it as well and half expecting to find gay porn sites. Try MV Demo Derby Chilmark or West Tisbury. I just remember it was up-island. Might not have been Gay Head.

          UPDATE: Mr. EOS says yes, it was in Gay Head, on land owned by Hugh Taylor, who now owns Outermost Inn, in Gay Head. The derby stopped at some point in the late 70s when insurance worries became a concern.

  2. I have had five acura mdx…love them..but just last week received a letter stating one of our acuras has a recall…it needs a new driver side airbag…”death has occured when the airbag is activated”…now i am worried about our new acura being dangerous even though no recall yet

  3. Sorry about your Audi woes. As you may recall, we recently upgraded our old a4 and leased a Volvo XC90. Reasonably nice car….but it has been a bit of a pain in the ass.

    Now, after 9 months, they Volvo leasing through the Stamford dealer, are charging us what seems to be $178 extra, per month for tax. We haven’t had a chance to call and check on this, but we are wondering if it is Connecticut personal property tax. Does anyone know if what you pay when you lease a car as far as personal property tax? It seems like they could be using Stamford mill rate, not Greenwich. And if so, shouldn’t they have disclosed that? It all seems so shifty. My lease payment should not change, right?

      1. British pricing is a guess yet, says Lamborghini has not put an official price tag on it

        The Lamborghini Urus is expected to priced from around €170,000, or around £145,000

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