Why Not Just Ask for Sainthood now?


Chelsea Clinton is to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from Variety Magazine.

Let that sink in for a minute. Chelsea, who is listed as Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, who also sits on several Boards, most recently Expedia, resides in a $10m apartment, had a $600k job at NBC for reporting on nothing, and of late, her most visible talent is as Master Tweeter.

Her Tweets run the gamut from letting us know she’s a scientist AND a doctor…..

….to animal rights activist….

…to author and global warming expert…..

And wait, there’s more…. in her spare time she’s a mom of two. How does she do it all? No wonder she’s about to get a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Her handlers have most decidedly chosen to groom her for the President of the United States, an article in The Hill says it’s rumored Chelsea is eyeing running for Kirsten Gillibrand’s NY Senate seat in 2020. 

In other words, the Clinton’s will whisper sweet nothings in Gillibrand’s ear that Chelsea would like to be Senator now, and would she please vacate it so the future presumptive Democrat presidential nominee can take her place under the glass ceiling that Hillary didn’t break.

Well, that seals the deal. Lifetime Achievement for her!

Seriously, I am embarrassed for the Women in Power committee for making this choice. There ARE many women who deserve an award, for their real humanitarian work, not Chelsea however, who has lived a life of luxury, who doesn’t get her hands dirty, and whose job it seems now is to rewrite her image as that of a powerful political figure.


21 thoughts on “Why Not Just Ask for Sainthood now?

  1. Don’t forget the three years she spent at Avenue Capital as a “chemical industry analyst” for the hedge fund. Founder was going to be Obama’s ambassador to France until they found out about his private poker game at the Carlyle.

  2. Chelsea, Gillebrand…both obnoxious reptiles. Pee Wee Herman is more qualified than either of those slithering lizards.

    1. I can’t stand Gillibrand. She’s a whiny woman, only interested in what she perceives as women’s issues. She embarrasses herself time and time again at senate hearings. Years ago she got groomed for that senate seat. Not sure why.

  3. The sense of entitlement is beyond belief. She’s accomplished way less than her “done nothing, carpet bagging “mother. EOS, you hit the nail on the head when you note that there are so many more women deserving of this honor. When will the kowtowing and brown nosing to these slime balls end?

    1. Agree.

      What I find sad is that the media is doing everything to put Chelsea up on a pedestal, make her look infallible, make her a champion of the young Democrat party, the next one to win win win. That didn’t work too well for Hillary and you’d think Chelsea would step back and think about how the media propped up her empty mother, for what? Nothing.

  4. I thought Lifetime Achievement Awards were for old codgers obviously on their way out. And who arguably had some accomplishments of their own. Pretty laughable in this case.

    1. Common sense says you are right. When media moguls want to court favors, they throw common sense out the window.

      How’s your new life treating you? Getting adjusted to the house? Feeling situated? Feeling appropriately smug that it’s 14 degrees here today?

      1. We have been here almost 8 weeks now. Final details on the house are just about done, though we are still waiting for some furniture. The weather here, at least now, takes no adjustment, it is just so pleasant. One of the things we have realized is that our wardrobes skew to warmer clothes, which were appropriate in the northeast, but will have limited use in a semi-tropical climate.

        Of course, we now join our new neighbors in looking forward to it being less crowded here once the snowbirds leave.

        1. My friends in Vero say the same thing about snowbirds leaving. They laugh about how long old people take in their car to make a turn, that it takes so long traffic backs up for miles.

          So appreciate the update and know that you are so happy. Somehow buying a new lighter wardrobe doesn’t sound like a hardship.

      1. There’s a difference without a distinction, or whatever that phrase is. She deserves NOTHING because she hasn’t earned the privilege.

    1. Oooh, good push back. More often than not Chelsea’s Twitter fan base is all Rah Rah Sisterhood of the Traveling Pussy Hats. I find Chelsea a worm, a sniveler, a leech. I bet my last lottery ticket that Chelsea doesn’t write her own tweets. I’m sure there’s a committee, then a discussion, then someone else actually sends it and then monitors the responses.

  5. Rah Rah Sisterhood of the Traveling Pussyhats. That is hilarious! Very clever. You should trademark it.

      1. Your call. I’m happy the vote postponed. It’s not right. It was dead on arrival for not demonstrably lowering costs. Lots of questions still.

        1. I have mixed emotions. Agree the bill has too many entitlements and costs too much but I was hoping A version of the bill would pass then get tweaked.

          The group on The Five concur, Greg Guttfeld saying you can push an elephant into a hole but good luck getting it back out. Once those entitlements get passed, they will never go away.

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