I’m weeping

News out today that one of the victims in the London terror attack was an American, Kurt Cochran from Utah. He and his wife were visiting London as part of their 25th wedding anniversary and also visiting her parents who are LDS missionaries stationed there. 

The wife is alive, still hospitalized, with broken bones….. and a badly broken heart. 

I can’t even imagine. Look what a happy couple they are, posing for a photo in London, then strolling over the Westminster Bridge, like all tourists do, bam, a loon, a radicalized Muslim. Don’t get me started. 

I trust the US Embassy helps the wife deal with the eventual transportation of Kurt’s body home. Years ago, one of my friends was traveling with her husband in Ireland. He bent over to tie his shoes and dropped dead. To deal with the emotional trauma was bad enough but getting a death certificate in a foreign country was bureaucratic hell. That’s why I pray the Embassy helps Melissa and her extended family. 

No words. Just sadness this couple has lost one half. 

9 thoughts on “I’m weeping

    1. He’s been getting hammered in the non-mainstream media. PM May gave a nice speech this morning, honoring the the fallen peace officer etc.

        1. Chelsea gets more than her fair share of looks shaming. For this, and this alone, I feel badly for her. She’s come a long way since she was a gawky teen. Of course, she can afford $1000 hair cuts like mom, and hair straightening, and teeth straightening and maybe a tuck here and there. But hey, we all want to look our best. She inherited mom’s cankles and thick legs so I suspect soon she’ll start wearing white pantsuits.

  1. I bet Trump personally will see to it that the wife and family are taken care of. That’s one thing he dues well, quietly.

    Very tragic.

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