This rises above the level of bushwa to bunk!


I overnighted a box of really yummy oatmeal butterscotch homemade cookies to a friend in need, happily spent $23 bucks to do so, and guess what, it didn’t arrive today by 3pm as promised.

I been watching the tracking and it is stuck at leaving White Plains last night at 11:44 pm. There’s no bad weather between points A and B.

So what’s a sender to do? Call The Postal Service. Right, there’s a joke. I had to enter my zip code, decide if I wanted to take a survey after the call and then be told that my wait time to speak to an agent is between 27 and 34 minutes.

I’m on Minute Seven…stay tuned. I plan to ask for my money back and find out who found out there were cookies in the box, ate them, then claimed the box went missing!

Minute Fourteen and waiting…..

Minute TWENTY FOUR……no one yet…

Minute THIRTY TWO…crickets….

Minute THIRTY SEVEN….crappy Muzak still. No human. My tax dollars at work.

Minute Freakin’ FORTY THREE…………I’m starting to lose my mind and run out of colors to make the text!

Minute FIFTY EIGHT and counting…I’m getting the distinct feeling no one will ever actually answer or at some point I’ll get a message that says Our Customer Service Office is closed for the day. Of course, Customer Service is not what I’d call it.


WELL WELL WELL, exactly one hour of waiting and I get a human being. I decided to hold my tongue, be civil (no easy feat) and got a very helpful and pleasant woman at USPS. She filed a case number to find the package and meanwhile told me I could take my receipt to any PO and get my $23 back. Of course, the point is someone else has a huge box of homemade cookies. Drat.

4 thoughts on “This rises above the level of bushwa to bunk!

  1. Why, despite decades of terrible service, would you ever expect anything good from the post office? With FedEx and ups as alternatives, there is no need to subject yourself to such poor service.

    1. In hindsight, I should have taken the box to FedEx but I needed a roll of stamps so rather than making two trips, I sent the box from the PO. Obviously a bad decision.

  2. When this happened to me I called the LOCAL PO (no waiting, no case #), and they told me to bring in the receipt. I did and got a full refund. Next time I might skip the phone call – they can determine pretty quickly if delivery was on time. FedEx isn’t perfect either, and I’m not sure they could have handled my case any better than the PO did. The package was delivered a day late.

    1. I made a series of rookie mistakes. You are 100% right, that I could have just skipped the phone call and taken the receipt to the PO, left with cash in hand. I have this knowledge in my memory bank for next time, if there IS a next time for USPS.

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