I’d like a K, Pat

Never do I watch Wheel of Fortune but tonight while I was doing dishes, it was on because that’s where Jeopardy left off.

And this actually happened. One letter left to guess, a pretty darn famous play, and what does the guy ask for???

A K!!

Pat Sajak made the guy feel a little better by joking with him but still, duuude. A K?? 

6 thoughts on “I’d like a K, Pat

  1. His frame of reference was probably live streaming a porn movie called A Streetcar Naked Desire.

      1. Don’t worry, the thread on ‘Bama, Brandos and butter got zero likes, compared to the lost cookie saga that garnered FOUR likes from the highly critical association of WP bloggers. Your reputation is safe!
        o/t: Have you noticed the number of BBC interview parodies?

        1. The Likes are usually related to how/if I tag the post. The iPhone app sucks and it’s very difficult to add tags on the fly. People follow certain tags, Humor is a big one. Tagging Humor is likely to get at least one Like, even if it’s not funny.
          I had mixed emotions about the parody you linked. Probably very true but a little bit I Am Boss Woman for my taste.
          Watching the news unfold about the London terror attack. We stood on that bridge many a time when just in London. Yikes!

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