On a slow news Monday, let’s go with cute kittens 

Nothing to really blog about so this post is the equivalent of leaving the page blank.

But cute kitten……

The backstory of the kitten is a family that owns sled dogs found a weak and dying kitten, brought the kitten into the fold and the dogs treated her like one of them!

I mean, c’mon, that deserves an awwww, right?

Other than the cute kitten, CBS must have hired the McDonalds’s Twittermeister as this odd tweet was sent out this weekend. No explanation of why a girl is licking a statue. But okay.

The winner of the Bizarre Tweet of the Weekend is from the NY Post. I can’t even. Behold, The Licki Brush. No, just no. This is never a good thing.

Happy Monday. Gonna be gone most of the day so talk amongst yourselves. I’m a bit cranky, up late reading a new book recommended by my Iowa family. Soooooooooo good.

11 thoughts on “On a slow news Monday, let’s go with cute kittens 

  1. Thanks for mentioning that book–I’d put it on my list before, but I plugged into the audiobook today and it’s hooked me right in. I had started reading “my Year of Living Danishly”, which is also very engaging, especially since we are going back to Jutland this summer, but the audiobook allows me to work on needlepoint at the same time🤓

    1. One, you needlepoint? I’m glad to hear it isn’t a lost art going down in flame stitch hall of fame with my age group. I learned to needlepoint as a teenager and have made a ton of projects. Long long ago, the mother of a good friend of mine owned a needlepoint whop in Chappaqua and there was one on the Vineyard when I lived there. Today, I hear more people talk about knitting.

      Two, do you watch the TV show on PBS called New Scandinavian Cooking? It’s on at odd times but I always enjoy it when I trip over it. It’s mostly Norway and Finland based, they cook outside, it’s farm/sea to table. Try and find it.

      Three, LOVE the name of that book, year of living danishly. Funny!

      1. I started needlepoint when I was a little girl, and had pretty much given it up. Until I got married and asked my mom for my stocking that my Gran had made me. She said no way, that stays in my house…you’ll have to make your own. 😱 So, I bought two canvasses (those puppies are $500 each, plus thread $300, plus finishing, $350 in Greenwich 💰💰)–one for me and one for my husband. Mine was finished pre kids, pretty swiftly. Then the first born came along and my mother gave me a canvas for him. I finished it for his 10th Christmas . Husbands canvas became the one for second born. I’m hoping to finish it for his 7th Christmas. Of course, now I have my original, plus my moms and my dads….so I’m not planning to make anymore. Sometimes I feel like I want to recover an arm chair — like this style — https://a.1stdibscdn.com/archivesE/upload/9274/47_13/971356/971356_l.jpg
        Then I wait until other stuff is finished!

        Did the butter post disappear? I have lots to say about real butter🤓

        And, yes, I’ve seen New Scandinavian Cooking, but not recently. If you have Netflix look up episodes of Mind of a Chef with Magnus Nilsson –especially the one with butter. Amazing old woman still hand churning butter up in northern Sweden.

        1. Oh my, I laughed (with you) at how long it has taken to needlepoint the Xmas stockings. I can so relate. Been there. I started an enormous project for my sister, a piano bench pillow, it was huge. It was for their 25th wedding anniversary. They no longer have the piano, they will be married 50 years in 2018 and I’m not done the needlepoint yet. 🙂

          I have a cousin who is seriously into needlepoint and everyone of her dining chairs has an animal themed needlepoint seat cushion. My church kneelers are all made by parishioners and are gorgeous .

          I love Mind of a Chef. Record them all. One of the best shows out there.

        2. Oh, now I have another project! My dining chairs are four parsons chairs that I inherited plus two Queen Anne arm chairs for the head of the table. Two of the parsons are black leather in fine condition, but the other two are thread bare bargello stitch that needs redoing. I also have a giant box with all my grandmothers old projects, including Christmas ornaments, a belt and a pattern to recover a bench I also have. I guess I need more audiobooks!

    1. Good question. I thought I did that. No?

      Your recommendation Elephant Company won the trip. I’ve passed it along to others now, saying it was such a wonderful story.

      Hillbilly Elegy, excellent too.

      Vanishing Year, a page turner thriller. Read it straight through.

      Reporter Who Knew too Much. Awful. Nothing new.Skim read it. Waste of money.

      A orch Kept Lit I read a lttle bit here and there. Since it’s not a story, rather a compilation of eulogies, it’s easy to read a chapter and put it down.

      While not a vacation book, just finished Before The Fall this morning. Not a Pulitzer winner but a good suspense filled read. Good for a plane ride.

  2. Thanks, looking for next book recommendation for book group. J.D. Vance has been getting a lot of press coverage as late. Did you see he moved back to Ohio and is starting a not for profit to help combat opiod addition? Good for him and his family.

    1. Yes, I read that. I follow him on Twitter. He gets some hate from people who say he’s a sell out. Gosh, he seems like such a true man to me. I’d love to hear him speak and I see he does engagements.

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