Call me crazy but if Mr. EOS said “Honey, I’m off to Tahiti by myself for a month”, I’d say “Not on your life pal”.

But different strokes for different folk. I guess the arrangement works for Barack and Michelle Obama as it has been reported Barack landed in Tahiti to spend a full month at a resort called The Brando.

Commercial travel? That’s for losers baby, losers. 

The resort isn’t too shabby, not shabby at all. I could manage a month there, no problem. But alone?




The coverage of this extended stay has run the gamut, from the lib take The Hill, who is non-plussed by it all, preferring to note that the resort is eco-friendly. Ha ha.

Then there’s the crazy right, convinced this is the end of the Obama marriage.

I come in at this somewhere in -between. If Michelle says fine, then it’s none of our business what Barack does. But I do wonder how many wives would be so supportive?

Wanna go fishing for the weekend alone? Fine. Wanna head up to RI without me? Fine. But a month on the island of Tahiti without me, I’d think something was the matter.

I suspect Barack, fresh off getting a $60million deal for writing his post-presidency book, feels the need for complete isolation to pen his tome, a glowing report of his eight years. Kinda reminiscent of Hemingway’s approach, being in Cuba or in Key West.

Still, it goes back to the question at hand…would you be okay with waving goodbye to your spouse for a month? And not a month serving in Afghanistan, not a month volunteering for a mission overseas, not a month of caring for an aging parent, but a 100% sybaritic month, lounging on a beach, being brought drinks by lovely native women. Nope.


20 thoughts on “Call me crazy but if Mr. EOS said “Honey, I’m off to Tahiti by myself for a month”, I’d say “Not on your life pal”.

    1. Uh oh, I know I’m going to regret saying this but I don’t understand your comment. Be gentle, I’m still fretting that today is Friday.

  1. I wouldn’t have a problem per se if my husband wanted or needed a month away. Maybe he’s worked too hard or stressed or under pressure and just needs to unwind. I would need to think about where he went though. Agree, a fishing hole in Alaska or Canada is far easier to say yes to than a resort with half naked Tahitian women all around. I guess it comes down to trust. Trust I have, so, let him go but Skype every day! 🙂

    1. My mother reminded me that when my dad was in his early 50s, he sailed through the British Virgin Islands without her. As a teen I didn’t think anything of it. Dad worked hard. Wanted time alone. So your point is well taken. If Trust is there, then saying yes seems right too.

  2. You are not alone in missing the butter reference. Maybe it’s our age?

    My late husband took six weeks alone when he was in his 50s. He was depressed, wanted to change careers, felt he needed a break from all of us. I knew he loved me and I knew he felt overwhelmed. He came back a new man.

    I’m not saying Obama feels overwhelmed. He’s gone for completely selfish reasons.

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