Not So Happy Meal! 

This morning the voice behind the McDonald’s Twitter feed took on President Trump in quite the remarkably angry tone. 


The tweet was taken down quickly but not before it went viral…then as suddenly as it was removed, it reappeared as the company’s Pinned Tweet, meaning a tweet any Twitter user can tag as kind of their profile. 

The discussion is was their account hacked by a Burger King employee or was it written by a McDonald’s employee gone rogue? I expect the latter. 

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out today. 

Would you like fries with that, asked the kiosk. 

10 thoughts on “Not So Happy Meal! 

    1. Josh is a piece of work. He’s pretty famous for being outrageous. He’s since taken down that gem but as we all know, the Internet elephant never forgets.

  1. McDonald’s is saying they are investigating the tweet. How hard is it to ask the guy behind the computer what he was thinking.

    1. I’d forgotten about the Gibbs connection. Guess he hasn’t gotten over Hillary’s loss???

      The Hill. Such a fine journalism experience. No agenda. No bias. Just the facts. /sarc

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