Just a Simple Fixer Upper

Now that I have another house renovation under my belt, I think I’m up for the task of something more challenging, like this THIRTY bedroom number outside Lisbon, Portugal.

Quinta da Cardiga, listed by Sotheby’s International Realty. Um, Price Upon Request.

From Waymarking:

The first historical record of Quinta da Cardiga goes back to 1169, when the first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, donated the lands already cited as “Quinta da Cardiga” to the Templar Knights.

In 1580, the new king of Portugal, Filipe II, spent a night in this house.

In the 19th Century the property was bought by private owners and that was definitely not good for the fate of this beautiful historic home. With several owners, it lost unity and it’s slowly falling into an abandonment which is not yet final. The attached buildings are in poor condition, but the main house is properly locked and maintained at least at low level.
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The tiles are amazingly intact. Thankfully.
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This is what I suppose was the original kitchen. Look at those sinks!!!
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I’m confused about this photo. The stove looks the same as in photo above but whre are the sinks? The ceiling is different too, so do you guess a house this large had several kitchens and massive ovens?
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I found some vintage photos online too, seeing the charm and beauty it once had before left for the rats.



I can’t decide what I’d do with it once restored. A bed and breakfast? A farm-to-table restaurant like Blue Hill but with hotel rooms for guests to stay, and maybe even work the land and learn to cook?

Who’s in with me? I need a stone mason, a tile restorer, and probably and electrician and plumber. Funny, the listing says thirty bedrooms but no mention of any bathrooms! Probably because there aren’t any!!

5 thoughts on “Just a Simple Fixer Upper

  1. What do you think it sells for? I Google Mapped it and it seems pretty far from anything, even Lisbon is a distance. I’m not sure it would get that many visitors. Call me when there is a bathroom and I’ll decide then if I’m in. The tile work is magnificent. The whole building has a certain Cloisters feel.

    1. I have no idea what the price would be. I saw in the Sotheby’s link that another large villa was in the $7million category. I’d guess the buyer here would have to be someone well versed in such restoration work. I can’t imagine it would be allowed to be torn down.
      The copy from Waymarking said the last owners were in the era when there was indoor plumbing so fingers crossed there’s not a bucket in every bedroom. Sure there’s no heat or modern electricity. This would be a work of love, not money making.

  2. Prince Wills and Kate are renovating and adding on to Kensington Palace. Give them a call and ask for advise, and money.

    Love this home but I wonder if it’s too far gone to restore?

    1. I didn’t know about Portugal’s refugee policy. All the Portuguese I know live in Fall River and on MVY. We don’t call them Portuguese tho! 😬

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