Green, Without The Envy


I saw these on the shelf of the pet food store the other day and decided, hey, why not. I’ve never bought any Greenies brand bones before but these intrigued me, with the Hip and Joint Care bonus I figured if Dawg balked, I could have one myself! 🙂

I opened the bag and jumped back – the odor from the bag was significant. Strongly significant. And not like a bed of roses or a bouquet of lilacs. I called Greenies and asked if I got a bad batch and they explained that the “different” odor was because these bones have New Zealand mussels in their ingredient makeup.

New Zealand mussels?? Oh boy, been there. Eaten those. If the Greenies bones taste anything like the amazing actual New Zealand mussels we ate, well, Dawg would be in heaven.


And whatya know, Dawg loves the bones. I just have to put a clothespin over my nose when I open the bag. Go figure.




11 thoughts on “Green, Without The Envy

  1. Your 2011 trip was incredible. Ready to go again?

    I’ve bought Greenies for my dog for years. She loves them and the vet says they are good for her teeth. I’ve not seen the hp and joint ones. Good to know.

    1. I would go back to NZ in a heartbeat. I read that applications for NZ citizenship by Americans is up, way up. I’d have to stay away from all the earthquake cities in NZ, and that means saying no to Wellington and Christ Church. I’m not sure where I’d hang my hat if I lived there. Too far away from family IMHO, but if I were alone, maybe.

      Thanks for letting me know your dog uses Greenies too.

      1. I used Feline Greenies a lot when I had to give my prior cat pills. Other than (unsuccessfully, mind you) pushing them down her throat, these pills were a life saver. He gobbled them right up! They also have them for dogs, too. A life saver. For finicky cats, at least….. 🙂

  2. It’s a different Greenies product called “Pill Pockets.” They are a little larger than a pea, and there is a hole in which you put the pill, then mush it together.

  3. 😊 they really are great. Solves the problem of giving your pet pills. I get them at Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Cos Cob. Inexpensive and plus, they work! Especially for cats.

  4. Hi EOS! I have a picture of the “pill pockets” from Feline Greenies, but don’t know how to attach a picture to this post. Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. Thanks. I saw the pill pocket greenies last time at the pet store. Dawg isn’t on medication now so I’ve mentally bookmarked the product fie any possible future need. Thanks again.

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