Stella getting serious now

While NYC is getting little accumulation, we country bumpkins are getting hammered (by snow!!).

My driveway was plowed at 6:30 this morning. The walkways shoveled. All that has been covered, to the degree you can’t tell anything was done.

It’s snowing heavily and the wind is causing it to snow sideways.

We’re in the 18-24″ target zone and I can see how that can easily happen. 

The RI contingent reports one flake about an hour ago. Looks like mostly rain for you coastal peeps. 

My niece flying home from Abu Dhabi had her overnight flight cancelled but is now in the air due to land around 8:30 tonight. 

Mr. 85 Broad, Are you going to get to Denver today? I’m guessing not. Keep us posted. 

Dawg struggling with the cold and snow. Poor dear. 

12 thoughts on “Stella getting serious now

  1. Connecticut has banned travel but I wouldn’t go out anyway. I saw news footage of plowing crews on I-95 but they are the only ones out.

    Stay dry and warm. Got cooking planned with the new cookie sheets?

    1. The snow is getting worse by the minute. Very heavy now, more so than when I took the video 15 minutes ago! Zero visibility too. The blizzard aspect of Stella is right overhead. It’s incredible.

      No cooking for me but I do need to make another batch of Dawg stew.

  2. I can’t get the video to play on my iPad. It won’t start. I tap and tap but nothing. I’ll take your word for it that its bad. It’s not as bad here in Miami.

    1. Peter, I don’t know what to say. I’ve asked others with iPhones to try and it plays for them. Close your eyes and picture snow falling. There. Done! 🙂

    2. T-Storm woke me up last night, looked like it was worse up in Miami. I think it was actually somewhat attached to Stella

      The video works on my iPhone–I appreciate that you took it in landscape mode. A bit of a pet peeve of mine is portrait video.

  3. As of 10 AM, not bad here in Greenwich, just south of the Merritt. I walked out to the road, which had been plowed recently, and it is passable. No paper delivery that I can find, so I’ll be WSJ-less unless I go to town later. Definitely no more than seven or eight inches so far. Vincenzo the plow should arrive soon. The blizzard is a lizard. I blame Obama.

    1. Interesting that you and I live relatively near to each other, as the crow flies, yet we here are 100% under the gun. As every minute passes, the faster the snow is coming down. I actually am HEARING the snow hit the house now, so I don’t know if that means it’s sleeting?

      Mr. EOS zoomed up to RI to get the Kubota ready for all the plowing he expected to do. For naught. Nothing burger there…. and he got the WSJ this morning, late but it arrived.

  4. The intensity of the snow is picking up but nothing like further inland. It is supposed to change to rain here this afternoon. I hope the rain is heavy enough to wash most of the snow away before it freezes overnight.
    The wind isn’t too bad-yet.
    There are reports of power outages. I’m sure there will be more to come.

  5. It’s raining here along the east facing coast. Earlier snow is now Inches of slush which will become concrete over night. Can’t use a now lower on slush and a shovelful weighs 30 lbs. it’s a mess out there.
    Scattered power outages, fallen trees and skidding accidents are par for the course.
    Just heard Boston has canceled school for Wednesday. Seems overly cautious but roads may be icy and treacherous then.
    Good day to watch tennis on tv.

  6. Not flying to Denver until tomorrow am. Jet Blue cancelled my son’s flight into JFK for today so he is meeting us there tomorrow. No word to the contrary from United as of now, so I’m hopeful we will get out of LGA close to on time in the am.

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