Maaaaaaaa, Let Me In, NOW!!


Poor Old Dawg, she hates this snow but at least the walkways have been shoveled so she can actually pee.

I think we’re done the storm. It’s still very very windy so even tho it’s not actually snowing anymore, the snow is moving hither and yon.

Niece is due to arrive at JFK within the half hour, after only 34 hours of travel time – 5 hour flight from Colombo to Abu Dhabi, 14.5 hours layover from flight cancelled and 14.5 hours of flying time to JFK. I might be a bit cranky.

Good Luck tomorrow Mr. 85 Broad. Say hi to Denver for me.


12 thoughts on “Maaaaaaaa, Let Me In, NOW!!

    1. Oh yes yes yes. I saw that yesterday, inside someone’s tweet. Don’t know who gets credit for being so clever but bravo. Cast perfectly. Thanks for posting it here.

        1. Someone thought that would be demeaning? Lord, must have been SNL “writers”

          I too laughed by ass off. And I bet so would Spicer and Conway.

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