It’s Just too Easy. I gotta Go There. Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaa.

It’s just not possible for me to say Stella without re-enacting the Streetcar version, although one of our friends has a granddaughter named Stella, the cutest little munchkin on the planet so I am trying to resist being Marlon Brando every time I see her.

Anyway, I digress….the STORM Stella seems to be serious stuff…


Even my mom in Wilmington is going to get serious snow accumulations, which is rare – Wilmington is usually bypassed.

I watched the Weather Channel first thing this morning – Jim Cantore was in Boston. Stephanie Abrams was in NYC, each talking Armageddon-like snow…Boston, The Cape, and yes, RI too, getting the winds what can be devastating.

I’m ready. Enough food in. Generator ready. Peeps who plow and shovel are related to a neighbor on the street so I KNOW they’ll plow me out. If I were a betting person, I’d say we’ll lose power, not from the winds, but from a downed tree. I suspect to see Marshall Oil out all day today – they are good at making sure everyone’s oil tank is full the day before a storm.

The ONLY worry I have is a niece flying in from Abu Dhabi, due to land at JFK Tuesday morning. The storm peak is reportedly then so I imagine Emirates Air will keep the plane in Abu Dhabi rather than starting out and being unable to land?

Speaking of airports, I can hear overhead that planes are landing at HPN at a different pace than usual and that to me means airlines are positioning their planes to get back to home base and wait out the storm, rather than being stranded elsewhere.

Otherwise, I’m ready for a day in PJs watching good old movies. For those of you who do have to travel, be safe.



7 thoughts on “It’s Just too Easy. I gotta Go There. Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaa.

  1. Power outage worry? Better have gas/propane heat.
    Don’t all oil fired home heaters need electricity to operate? Those oil trucks are not all working altruistically. I hope they offer generators to their customers.

    Food is flying off the market shelves….another thanksgiving

    1. My generator is run on propane and those tanks are full to the brim with the rich taste of high test. I didn’t make myself very clear, I agree. Oil for the furnace.

      I’m avoiding all grocery stores and gas stations today and tomorrow. Soup and bread is fine.

  2. Oldest son was supposed to land at JFK tomorrow at 5pm to fly out to Denver with us on Wednesday. Already threw in the towel and re-routed him directly to Denver through Atlanta. Hope we make it out of LGA on Wednesday am to meet him there.

  3. Brilliant sunshine today.
    One forecast has reduced snow amounts in Boston from 12″+ to 8-12 tomorrow with temperatures slightly above freezing and rain/snow line going further north. All well and good but Wednesday will be colder. Whatever is on the ground will be rock solid.
    Site question- Before whenever I wrote a comment my email and screen name automatically appeared on my IPad. Now I have to enter the info every time. I don’t use Facebook, twitter or WordPress to log in.

    1. That’s so strange. Combined with what reader spqr2 said about finding the blog “private”, maybe something is going on at WP. Let me do some sleuthing. Sorry you are having problems.

      The idle chit chat at the market is the storm will be a bust, 6″ not 18″. I bet your theory is right too. Only time will tell.

  4. In case you get bored, BBC had an interesting series called, “back in time for dinner” where a modern family has their house made over to a time, earlier in the last century, when food, cooking, etc. were much, much different:

    of course, if you’ve seen it already, forget i said anything.

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