I lied. 

I went to the supermarket, despite my assertion that I’d stay far away.

It was, duh, packed. The most congested areas were the milk and bread zones but other aisles, almost empty. 

The crowded corner for milk brought out the worst in shoppers, those who park their carts in the middle of nowhere, leave them so others can’t get around, then make the rest of us find another route or physically move the obstructing cart, worrying the owner will return and growl.

Too many men shopping today, mostly the clueless male who has no comprehension about Aisle Etiquette. Not that all women get it but today, the guys won the Grrrr Award. 

My pet peeve is anyone who doesn’t say thank you, especially when being let through or by. It takes one second to make eye contact, nod, and smile. 

Check out was long but Stop&Shop had all the aisles open. When it was my turn, I chatted with the cashier and said You’ll earn your paycheck today! Then I paused, wondered if I hurt her feelings (she is black), so I added Not that you don’t earn your paycheck EVERY day!! She laughed and smiled. Phew!! I almost had to check my white privilege. 

My neighbor’s car was in the parking lot but I never saw her in the store and I hated to TEXT her inside the market. Too weird. 

I got almost all I wanted, including the LAST Lactaid 1% milk on the shelf. Bananas were only green but okay, better than no bananas. But I’ve neeeded a large jar of whole peppercorns for the last two shopping cycles and S&S had none!! Sold out? Whole peppercorns? Odd. 

I stopped at the fish market too, also mobbed, but the run the place like a fine oiled machine. Lines move. People helped quickly. Done. 

Home. Ready. Let it snow! 

2 thoughts on “I lied. 

  1. Hope you’re snuggled in! Super glad I am where I am, although the boys would love to play in the snow. Take lots of pictures☃️🌴

    I’m sure my plow guy will hose me for three passes, I hate that.

    1. We’re now in the 24″ zone. It’s hard to wait so long for it to begin.

      Next time you complain about the plow guy, remember this story: a few years back a house in Bedford caught fire. It was right after a huge snow storm that crusted into ice. The owners were in Florida, didn’t feel it necessary to plow. The fire department was unable to get up the drive. House almost destroyed. True story.

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