I don’t care why it was a good idea, the DST insanity needs to stop! 

I’ve changed all the clocks that aren’t automatically flipped – the ovens, the microwave, the bedside clock and the car – such a nuisance, and for what? Someone tell me why Daylight Savings Time makes sense. 

Dawg doesn’t give a hang what the clocks say. She knows when she has to go out every morning. My body wakes up about the same time too. 

So was it for the farmers? Kids waiting at the school bus? Why oh why do we need to change the clocks twice a year? 

I know someone, who shall remain nameless, who doesn’t change the clock in his truck. Why bother, he says. 

Anyway, I’m up and ready to start the day no matter what hour the stupid clock shows. 

And waiting for what here is likely to be a nothing-burger winter storm. 

21 thoughts on “I don’t care why it was a good idea, the DST insanity needs to stop! 

  1. EOS- Been very unhappy past few days as your site was marked “private”. About ready to delete you from my bookmarks, when, happily, it has returned.

  2. I’d prefer DST all year long because I’d like an extra hour of light in the winter. Year round standard time would be ok, too. It’s the switching twice a year that I dislike.
    There may be a power outage with the upcoming snow storm. I’ll wait to change clocks.

    1. Agree re changing times 2x/year. Nonsensical.

      I think the power outages will be coastal, if at all. I think we’ll be spared 99% of Stellllllaaaaaaaa’s wrath. My generator is at the ready if indeed she hits 10506.

  3. I’m not overly worried about downed power lines. I wanted an excuse for not changing clocks today.
    We are low on bread but I’d rather bake a loaf of no knead than to go near a supermarket today or tomorrow. Shelves are probably empty by now anyway.

    1. I’ve heard tales of packed stores from friends on the shore. The forecast seems to change from hour to hour so it’s anyone’s guess who will really be affected.

      Making bread, storm or no storm, is always a good idea!

    1. Poor dog that had to sit for that skit. But I admit to finding it partially funny but not overall funny. The problem with SNL now is no comedy writer has the ability to write liberal stuff. There was so much this week from The Ds that could have been parodied. Maxine Waters for one. Endless possibilities but lib writers can’t think that far out of the box. What a shame.

        1. That’s hysterical!!!! Maybe if he runs around the flag pole e Pugh times he’ll melt into syrup for Sambo’s pancakes (you’re probably not old enough to get this reference).

          Ya know, the flag thing would have been killer SNL fodder. So many choices. So few writers to see real comedy.

        2. hmmm… e Pugh reference doesn’t ring any bells (if that’s a typo – Google it!)
          but, we did have a Sambo’s in our little town – i thought the legend was the tigers running around the pole and turning into butter?

        3. Jeez, iPhone fat thumb syndrome. Enough times. Enough. Yes, it was tigers, and using Shia was a stretch….oh well, it’s late in the day…….coincidentally, I had pancakes for dinner, with syrup!

        4. Potato chips and pancakes. Why didn’t I think of that???? Brilliant. :-).

          [Since you and I are the only two here who would get your last sentence, I took the liberty of taking it out. But to answer, no love there. At all.]

        5. I totally forgot to check the Bonham’s auction. Thanks for the update. One TV channel I flip by carries the Bonham’s auctions. I’ll go scope it out and see why it didn’t sell. Obviously the seller had a minimum that wasn’t met.

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