Buy One. Pay more for Second one.

Ha. I recently bought some wedding shower gifts for a friends daughter, kitchen items on her list from Sur La Table. Cookie sheets and baking sheets. Yes, there is a difference between the two. She also asked for some spatulas.

I loved everything the bride-to-be wanted, so much so I duplicated the order, but this time a gift from me to me! When I bought the first round, I had a discount, a code for 20% off. Not so when I bought Round Two for myself. I did qualify for free shipping tho and the box came very quickly, FedEx. SLT gets high marks from me and when one of the kids lived on Spring Street, there was a SLT withing spitting distance of her apartment. I used to stand in the store and want one of everything, even though I don’t cook much or even bake much anymore. There’s something so wonderful about good quality kitchen products. Dumb, I know, but I do love them.

First, the set of two cookie sheets which, on the website, SLT calls them Cookie sheet Pans. They are not pans, they are cookie sheets, edgeless except for one side, a place to grip them to take them out of the oven.  (photo, two are shown, rather than nested edged side with edged side, they are opposing sides)

Second, a set, two baking pans with a cooling rack included (not shown here)

They are all this new Platinum professional bakeware line, nothing I’ve used before, so no way of knowing how they cook and whether things like cookies cook faster or better on them. With the nor’easter on its way soon, I might stock some goodies to make a few batches of yummy stuff, just to practice. Right.

I am NOT showing photos of the old crappy burned on messes of old cookie sheets and baking sheets that I tossed. They were ancient, decades old, some cheap enough that they bent during baking, but one, actually my favorite, vintage late 1980s, from when Martha Stewart had a catalog, a cookie sheet that is absolutely perfect. I’ll never part with that one.

I needed some new spatulas too. One for fish. One for who knows what but it was pretty. Hey, I’m shallow, what can I say.

Think I might try scones for breakfast on one of the sheets although it could wait until Monday. My stomach today is unsettled and I might make tomorrow light eats. Lunch was trying a new brand of hummus, and a new flavor that SOUNDED good, and tasted okay going down, but the second taste go’round wasn’t as nice. Coconut Curry Hummus.

Sun is gone for the day. Dawg is circling for dinner – it’s earlier and earlier every day she wants to eat, but after all she is 15, quite qualified for early bird specials. Dawg beckons……


8 thoughts on “Buy One. Pay more for Second one.

    1. That was funny! Ya know, every time I see a clip like that, I harken to the old days of real comedy, Second City. I remember watching it from my house on Chappy on some UHF high numbered channel out of Boston. SCTV was extraordinary. Today’s comedy is crap.

        1. I think it was Jane who first posted that clip here and i laughed until I cried. Thousands of people tweeted it and it was the feature on hundreds of blogs.
          I could watch that 10000 times and still laugh. Not AT them mind you just laugh because it’s funny.

  1. Costco keeps me supplied with baking sheets and parchment paper. I don’t bother with cookie sheets any more. But, I’d love to have a fish spatula.
    One Boston meteorologist said snow would start on Tuesday, continue on Wednesday and maybe even into Thursday. I said &^%*, he’s drumming up business for his TV station.

    1. Last time we talked about Costco (Christmastime?) I thought I’d go and get a membership. Then AMEX withdrew its exclusive arrangement with Costco and the price of the membership shot up. I can guarantee you the purchases I made today will last twenty plus years. I’m done shopping, for cookie and baking sheets that is!!

      Storm stats are all over the place. I don’t see that we will get much of anything here, according to the latest forecast. You will, for sure.

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