Karma’s a Bitch, Bitch.

The most obnoxious, unfunny, nasty and mean spirited woman on TV these days is Samantha Bee, her show called Full Frontal. Let me just say, I mute the TV when the ads for the show come on, that’s how much I dislike her.


Her entire shtick is hating on Trump and hating in general. She regularly mocks people for their looks, their political views. No comedy that I can comprehend. All hate all the time.

Like this gem, calling a young man attending CPAC (a Conservative event) a Nazi for his hair cut. Well well well, the man’s sister had something to day about Bee’s comment:


Bee got slammed by conservatives but her liberal fans said nothing. None of her fellow comedians, and in Bee’s case that’s NOT the moniker I’d give her, said a thing, no one called her wrong for her comment.

Bee apologized and removed the photo and commentary but it doesn’t change the fact that Bee thought it was funny to laugh at anyone for their looks! Isn’t that Liberal No No Number One?

Bee tried to make amends by donating to the man’s Go Fund Me page, $1000. Two problems with this in my mind:

  1. She made the donation in the name of the show, made it public not anonymous
  2. She cheaped out and only gave $1000.

I would have had her peeps call his peeps and made a real donation, quietly.

None of that, however, would change the fact that Bee loves to hate. The hate coming out of her mouth is vile, disguised as comedy. I read she has about 750,000 viewers a night. WHO are those viewers? Millennials? Trump haters? Not me. Not now. Not ever.

I am sure Bee will continue her show, no lesson learned because hey, if she learned a lesson and saw that hurting people for their looks is wrong, she wouldn’t have a show.

Snow is coming down at a reasonable pace now. It started early as snow dust but the trees are all white and the road quiet. I’m on cup two of coffee, ready to start the day. maybe.

Happy Friday.


6 thoughts on “Karma’s a Bitch, Bitch.

  1. Vile isn’t harsh enough a description for Bee’s brand of comedy. You are right that she learned nothing from her cruelty so your headline is wrong because she didn’t experience any bad karma from it. Karma would be she’d lose her show and have liberals call her out. To be called hateful by conservatives is a badge of honor for Bee.

  2. Thank you for the warning–I’ve never heard of her, but I’ll be sure to steer clear.

    Thinking of miracles this morning and letting go of grievances. Everything can be seen through a spiritual lens, and turned around. Try to forgive her, and see that she is just your (general you) reflection of the things you fear and hate most about yourself. If we can see her as a friend, who is calling out for love, instead, we, along with the world, will experience a healing.

    Sorry for the tangent, I’ve been struggling with my pre-hormonal son and reading a book called Triggers that is helping me to turn it around and cope. So, Spirit (and turning greviences/triggers into miracles) is always at the forefront of my mind these days.

    1. Oh, my dear wonderful Martha. You always find a way to make good out of bad. I am in awe of your breadth and depth of heart and soul. What a wonderful deeply perfect comment.

  3. Martha, what a generous thought and how lucky your boys are to have a deeply spiritual mom to guide them and you through those tough times.

    Now, to totally ruin Martha’s fine sentiment, I saw this on Twitter today, laughed my eyes out. A BBC interview went awry with his kids entering his office. Comedy gold is at the end when the mom pulls the door closed.

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