Hey, This is a Great Little Run to the Bedford Post Office Car for me, Right?

All Photos from Hemmings website, courtesy of Bonhams

A 1959 Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview, as profiled in Hemmings.

Room for twelve….Me, Dawg, and ten hitchhikers.


From the article:

Opened by founder Spencer Penrose in 1918, the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was intended to be one of the finest luxury hotels in the world. In 1937, the facility purchased a fleet of customized Cadillacs to take its guests on sightseeing excursions, and over the years newer and grander versions were introduced. In 1959, the hotel updated its fleet with six new Hess & Eisenhardt-built Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview limousines, and on March 9, the final example constructed heads to auction in Amelia Island.

This is my favorite photo, with the the sky view…what a car.


The Superior-built Broadmoor Skyview coaches rode on a 156-inch-wheelbase heavy-duty commercial chassis, and measured nearly 21 feet in overall length. Power came from Cadillac’s 390-cu.in. overhead-valve V-8, rated at 345-horsepower and mated to a four-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. While six of these coaches, designated with the unfortunate model number 666, were built for the Broadmoor, evidence suggests that two more were assembled by Superior, possibly in anticipation of additional customer sales. The Broadmoor Skyview to be offered in Florida is body number eight, making it the last example constructed.

It’s headed to the Bonhams auction block at Amelia Island soon, estimated to bring in somewhere between $175-$200k.

Shall I buy it? Probably need to build a whole new longer garage for it, but hey, I’ve wanted to do that anyway. This would give me an excuse. The car has a certain EOS quality about it, don’t you agree?

9 thoughts on “Hey, This is a Great Little Run to the Bedford Post Office Car for me, Right?

  1. Never seen those before. It would be kind of cool to blast through town with that or maybe use it for Uber duties for mad money. That said, the interior is a tad tatty and what if everyone expected you to know CPR when you pulled up? Frankly, this:
    is what I think would suit you very nicely.

    1. Benzomino. I laughed my fanny off. I want one, now!

      Yes, I thought the interior was tatty and the article says it isn’t the original paint even so I’m surprised it will sell for that much. Of course, as any car auction aficionado knows, just because Bonhams says it’s worth X$, doesn’t mean a buyer will agree.

      I didn’t look closely but are there even seatbelts for all 12 passengers? If no, does that make it not street legal?

        1. School buses do not have seat belts for a reason. If there is an accident and the driver, if hurt, could not unbuckle any student who is hurt. Even if the driver is okay, then where do you start helping little kids unbuckle the seatbelt? I think it’s much safer for them to be able to jump up and out quickly.
          The Landaulet is Poped out just right for my Bedford persona. I think I could ride AND grant absolutions.

  2. I think a classic little sports car would be more your style for zipping around Bedford and up to RI. An old Jag XK120 or Merc 230SL for example. Room for you and Dawg. Heck, if Dawg isn’t up to climbing onto the chaise longue, how could she manage the Broadmoor Coach?
    Has been snowing on and off all day with negligible accumulation. May get a whopper of a nor’easter on Tuesday.

    1. I have an vintage Mercedes 560SL but the older I get the harder it is to get into and out of such a low car. It’s only good to use in the summer with the top town.
      Frankly, I’m so happy with my Audi Q5 I don’t foresee needing much else. That and the old Dodge truck, we’re good to go. I’ll likely inherit my mom’s Jaguar when she stops driving at age 110 but even that is a bit like a bathtub. I like climbing UP into a car, not sinking down into it and need a hoist out.
      RI got about 6″. So did Bedford. Sun bright now so it’ll melt quickly. Very pretty tho. Yes, next week brings more of a problem for you.

    1. Since we’re going to be in TN and KY on our road trip, believe me, we contemplated bringing 9 kegs of ginger beer in the back of the car! 🙂 Like your way of thinking!

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