When Your Day is Planned down to the Minute. Then it isn’t.


Aaah, kids. Love them to death, even when one throws a small wrench into the day. This child is 99.9999999% on the dot punctual and amazingly organized so there’s wiggle room in the uh oh NYC traffic glitch. Traffic happens.

Then there’s the child who says I’ll be right over or I’ll meet you at 8 but being right over is in another time zone or on another planet because what might take fifteen minutes could be an hour. Or more. Way more. I’ll meet you t 8 is usually followed by any number of Running Late texts or Behind schedule or Sorry, can’t make it after all texts.

No problem, we parents know our kids have lives that prevent them from making us Priority One anymore. We get that.

I’m the one who is always always always on time, maybe annoying so, and often so early that it’s a problem for the appointment or person you are early for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said I’m early but.

Mr. EOS is an on-time freak too, equally happy to be early, especially when traveling. We are the two old farts are the airport hours before the flight, feeling more comfortable sitting at the gate than sweating bullets running down the terminal hall.

We’ve often joked that if one of us is ever late for a meeting, call the police because it’s likely we’ve keeled over.

One of my dear friends is habitually late, to the point that we used to tell her lunch was at 12 noon when the reservation for the rest of us was at 1pm.  Oh well, we all have our peccadilloes. Being late isn’t the end of the world. We early birds learn to adjust.

Long story short, my plan of being gone all day has changed. I’m home now, here to watch weather forecasts of impending snow!

4 thoughts on “When Your Day is Planned down to the Minute. Then it isn’t.

  1. My one and only child is a mess at being on time. He married a compulsively on-time woman so she tries to get him organized. I’m no prize at being on time either so my son’s apple fell from my tree. My late husband was former military so being on time was in his mindset.

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