A Tablespoon? Just One tablespoon?

I’ve been having trouble with my new(ish) LG washing machine. After a load, there was a lot of leftover powder detergent in the tray where the detergent goes. Not only was there always residual soap, there was lots of water.

That tray fits into the white slot in the washer.

As you can faintly see in the first photo, it says Remove blue tray for Powder. But, the tray has two parts, a top and a bottom (the bottom blue piece you can see). I called at the time I first used powder detergent and asked if I needed to take BOTH the top and bottom pieces out of the tray and was told then the bottom one could remain.

That was then. Now, not the same advice. I was told to take the bottom blue piece out as well and then she asked, How MUCH Tide powder are you using? I said very little, just a scant dip of the Tide measuring cup. 

She said the suggested amount of Tide HE Powder in their machines is one tablespoon. One tablespoon??

Okay, I followed her instructions. Took the bottom blue part of the tray out and measured one tablespoon of Tide HE powder. Voila. Not only did I have zero powder residue, there was also no water left in the tray either. And my clothes were clean. Who knew??? Learn something new every day.

Would have been nice had the machine directions told me these details. I remember asking the first customer service agent, when I called about the blue tray, how much powder I should use. She wasn’t in much of a mood to chat I guess and she robotically answered use what your powder manufacturer says. Um, she was wrong.

Playing Chore Mom today – making the loop, picking up a daughter at the train station who is coming up for a party with friends, getting dry dog food and other very exciting tasks.

All night long I dreamed I lost my cell phone, such a real dream that I woke wondering what I’d do without a phone. Thankfully my phone was just where I leave it every night. Strange how the mind plays tricks.

Have a good one.

5 thoughts on “A Tablespoon? Just One tablespoon?

  1. I’ve still got my old Maytag washer and dryer, no HE powder and still cleans good. As long as it runs, I’m sticking with the old fashioned model. I hear so many complaints with the new machines, not just in the quality of the wash cycle, but in the use of powder versus liquid.

  2. I found out about using a sparse amount of detergent when the dryer exhaust needed cleaning by a pro. Seems I was using too much of the liquid stuff in the HE washer. Clothes didn’t rinse well enough and gummy lint stuck to the walls of the dryer vent pipe. If it is taking a bit longer to dry than in the past, check that dryer exhaust. Lint is bad stuff.
    As for yesterdays ‘strike’ it was a dud in my town. Nobody did or knew anything about it.

      1. It was for the NH place. I’ll see if I can track down who it was and where he worked. I remember he used a heavy duty vacuum and cleaned the vent from the outside as well as inside. What a difference it made. No more damp clothes after an ungodly amount of time in the dryer.

  3. Google dryer vent cleaning. Looks like the people who clean air ducts clean dryer ones as well. I only had it done once and then we sold the place.
    I wonder if people replace their dryers prematurely when a thorough vent cleaning would have given the dryer more life.

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