Ma. Ma. Don’t You Love me Anymore?

Thinking I was helping an ailing and aging Dawg to get up on her sofa perch, I bought her an Old Dawg set of steps.


Straightforward. Up and at’em. On the sofa without me lifting her hinds legs up. Except…

Our first test, I put her front paws on the lower step to give her the idea. She’s old but still smart. From there I ASSUMED Dawg would hop up and we’d all high-five my great purchase.

However, as Dawg went to move, she lost her footing, FELL OFF the second step, on to her side, scaring her to the point she lay there for a very long time, panting. I was so distraught that she fell on my account, I got down on the floor with her, hugging her and apologizing. She hasn’t used the stairs since. Anyone want a set of pet steps, used only once??



13 thoughts on “Ma. Ma. Don’t You Love me Anymore?

  1. Poor dog. Can you try a second go to get her to use them? My old dogs use them to get into bed.

  2. I use a wide one step stool, half the height of the bed, which worked to perfection, There is no place to fall off on the sides which I assume is what happened See if you have something fitting my description and improvise.

  3. Ask your handy hubby to build her a dog ramp. This old house has a pattern online-google dog ramps. She may have failing vision, which caused her to fall off the steps from not seeing the edge. Make it extra wide. Bibi

    1. We have a ramp. It frightens her. Her vision is greatly diminished lately, as well as her hubs legs and hearing, so her preference is being hoisted by one of us. It makes her feel safe I guess.

  4. Ask your handy hubby to make her a dog ramp. This Old House has a pattern online. Google dog ramps. Dawg may have failing vision which made her unable to see the edge on your steps. Make the ramp extra wide. Bibi

  5. Poor Dawg. Does your couch cushion lift off, and could she make the stretch to the lower height? I worry about your back having to lift her.

    1. The good thing is she spends very little time on the couch. She has FOUR beds in the main part of the house and another, a fifth, in our bedroom for nighttime. She has this odd routine of wanting to be on the sofa after she’s had dinner. Then and only then. She can put her front paws up on the sofa so our lifting is only her high quarters, giving her an assist.

    1. Turn steps parallel to couch? Hmmmmm , is that so she’d fall ONTO the couch, and not off and onto the floor? I see your handle is “Albert e”, E as in Einstein, so I’m guessing you are way smarter than I to see the merits of your suggestion. Hey, I’ll try it.

  6. I’d get another set of the same steps and screw ’em together so that she has a wider avenue of attack. I’m pretty sure I’d fall off of those meself.

    1. We thought of that but here’s my Dawg Whisperer two cents: I think Dawg WANTS to still get up on the sofa on her own. That she can get her front paws up says to me she’s trying to feel young.

  7. My old dog was having trouble bending down to eat and drink from bowls on the floor. I bought a platform made for the purpose of holding the bowls up nearer his head level. He took one look at it and freaked. He hid underneath a nearby table, and when I tried to get him to come out and eat he growled at me. That was the end of that idea.

    I guess aged hounds, like senior citizens, just don’t like to have their routines disturbed even with the best of intentions.

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