I hate hate hate hate when this happens.

I needed a lamp outside near the BBQ for nighttime seeing what was burning on the grill. The BBQ handles have lights built in but they don’t throw off enough light to really see if the meat or fish is done. There used to be an outside spotlight but somehow, during one house renovation, the power to it was cut. I’ve tried other spots that are solar operated but they are lousy.

Enter Hammacher Schlemmer. Their Cordless Telescoping Patio Lamp. I bought it for two reasons. One, it telescopes, for just the right height. And two, it’s battery operated. There’s no outlet anywhere near the BBQ. Oh, and a third reason, it got good reviews.

However, mine arrived broken.

Those are tabs that hold the telescoping pole, made of very cheap lightweight plastic, thereby easily broken.

I called HS and they are going to send a replacement and while I had the customer service agent on the phone, I asked her if many people returned the lamp for this reason. She said others have returned the lamp, but she couldn’t tell why. The reviews are generally very positive, with no mention (that I’ve found so far as I have scrolled) that the tabs break.

Now comes the onerous task of packing the damn thing back up. No easy feat as it was a box in a box with tons of plastic bags and cardboard and air pillows. Ugh.

7 thoughts on “I hate hate hate hate when this happens.

  1. My son has several nifty headbands with a flashlight in the middle- maybe from L.L. Bean? He wears them to check meat on the grill, unload the car in the dark when they arrive late at the summer house-anywhere it’s dark.Bibi

    1. Wellllllll, there’s a nice look for Bedford. Especially if I get several as you suggested, and string lights between them. What a bargain too. Only $$$!!

        1. I know you always have my best interest at heart. I’m sending that quote to my architect and to my brother-in-law, also an architect. Priceless.

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