Give that girl a gold star! 

And that girl would be ME!! I survived the day yesterday with my sister, only by biting my tongue and doing a lot of nodding and saying nothing instead of something. 

While there was no direct conversation about Trump, there was a WHOLE lot of circling and dancing around him. The updated travel ban news broke while we were in Wilmington which prompted my sister to talk about her Muslim friends who are devastated. Who knew my sister had Muslim friends!? Not me!! 

Then there was conversation of her love of watching Lawrence O’Donnell every night at 10p on MSNBC. She called him a genius. Gee, that’s not exactly the word I would have chosen! Sheesh. 

I countered by saying I try never to miss Maria Bartiromo and my sister said she’d never ever watch Fox. Okay. Not that I find Fox all that great either, but Fox Business, yes. 

And, I learned her favorite movie was La La Land, which I thought was meh at best. My take, a lot of Hollywood patting themselves on the back. 

Bottom line, it wasn’t awful but it was stifling. I let my sister do 90% of the talking on the drive – the kids, the grandkids – easy breezy stuff. 

The drive down was long. Before I even got to Secaucus to meet my sister (who trains there from the city), I was hit with a massive road closure on the express lanes after crossing the GWB. All traffic was shuffled off to the Local lanes. Five truck pileup that looked deadly. 

Then in Wilmington, what should have been a plug and play task, buying and installing a new printer for my mother, was fraught with error messages. My title as Chief Family Geek was being compromised, so much so I had to call HP for the solution. Ugh. Two full hours lost of the day to attach a new printer. Insane. 

Then there was some tough discussion of mom’s renewed ability to drive. She’s stretching the limitations she imposed upon herself, driving a little farther afield of what she told us. Not good. We were okay with her driving to church and the country club, but not in some of the more congested and busy roads. Never easy to have that talk. 

The drive home was easy, UNTIL I hit 684. Then it was a crawl the last 10 miles, 5mph at best, stalled many times. 

I came in the door like a zombie, brain dead from a stressful day, under the covers without dinner. 

I’m three cups of coffee into today already, up before 5 since I went to bed so early last night. 

Onward, Happy Tuesday. 

6 thoughts on “Give that girl a gold star! 

  1. Big mistake of the day: going with HP.

    Mistake 2: Calling HP for Help

    Lesson and Take Away. HP will never return the value of those 2 hours.

    What chaos they introduced into your mom’s computer with 120 megabytes of “programming” will cost you more hours you will never get back.

    Other than that, you are a good person and you did a good deed or two. Welcome home to Tuesday and another day of political school yard.

    News flash from the cable station that Trump watches but that you don’t—Mike Barnicle to Mika: “Who is paying any attention to the issues that got Trump elected in the first place?” Answer, the forgotten majority is forgotten again.

    1. Mom didn’t even want a new printer but her old one was not working and buying a new one seemed smarter than fixing a very old one. We picked a printer that would fit on the shelf in the very small armoire she uses as her computer space with her laptop. That alone eliminated 99% of other printers. The irony: the printer cartridge was MORE than the printer. Ugh.

      HP was excellent in resolving the issue, telling me I had the USB cord in the wrong port. Did you know that there are two different colors of the ports? One is blue inside. Another one black. He told me I couldn’t use the blue one. News to me. Never heard of such a thing.

      Reading and hearing the Trump healthcare plan. Not liking much of it. Still too many entitlements. Obamacare lite.

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