Hell of a way to wake up!

….That time when you have a bit of soap in your eyes and go to turn off the wall shower head but instead turn ON the overhead rain shower head and freezing cold water douses you…..who needs coffee????


We’ve all regrouped from a week long celebration of Mr. EOS Being 70 and now it turns to a waaaay more important issue, how MY 70th will top that. I have an idea…

Back aboard the remastered Queen Mary 2, but a Far East itinerary….



While the cruise would stop at places we’e already traveled to, there are enough places on this itinerary we have not seen and want to go to that it makes it worthy of considering. Oman especially and Sri Lanka. My sister’s younger daughter is celebrating her 40th birthday in Sri Lanka right now, flying from NYC to Abu Dhabi, then on to Colombo.

But, then it seems selfish to take such a fabulous cruise just the two of us. In a perfect world, we’d take the whole family but yowsa, that would mean winning the lottery, a big enough lottery that we could afford all the suites we’d need… and that the kids, all of whom work, could get so much time away and the grandkids could get out of school. Somehow, I imagine if we offered the cruise option, they’d FIND a way to get the time off. Or quit work if we won a really really big lottery.

So, Plan B,  maybe we find a long weekend getaway instead of a nineteen day cruise that requires flying the whole gang to and from the Far East (and forget going coach – been there done that, once, and once is all you need to realize a flight that distance is minimum biz class!)…. or maybe we say, screw the kids, and go, just the two of us. 🙂

In other news, I’m heading to Wilmington tomorrow, picking up my sister in Secaucus and wondering how much silence there will be in the long car ride. Mom said she will not tolerate quarreling siblings and I added, hey, I’m not the one angry. Should be an interesting day.

Also wondering how the Trump accusation of wiretapping is going to play out. I haven’t decided yet if it’s bluster, truth, or somewhere in between. Get the popcorn.

Happy Sunday, and I’ll wish you Happy Monday now too as I’ll be up and out before dawn tomorrow and not home until dark.


6 thoughts on “Hell of a way to wake up!

  1. Take the cruise and adopt me. That’s a dream itinerary.

    I think the Trump story is true, 100% true.

    1. Re the Trump accusation: one tweeter said this, and I concur.

      Understand: the BHO admin is not denying Trump was tapped.
      It is denying it was done illegally.
      So when Trump says he was tapped he’s right.

  2. Agree not to discuss politics and the day should go okay. No Obamacare, walls, sanctuary cities, charter schools, Supreme Court, Putin or climate change. Stay away from golf. That could be risky, too. That leaves recipe swapping and gardening.
    Could be a long drive….

    1. I don’t intend to mention anything political. I suspect we’ll talk kids, grandkids, vacations, and the like. Still, it’ll be awkward since we’ve ended regular communication as it was known before the election.

  3. When we moved to the usa 25 years ago my husband gave the me The following advice for social conversation in this country avoid the subjects of politics and religion !! Seems to work pretty well

    1. The sad thing is my sister and used to be able to carry on a reasonable discussion about politics. We might not have always agreed but she was not angry. Now, I’m not sure she’s over the HRC loss.

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