We Asked. They Answered. Quickly.


We emailed Half Moon, asking for and getting the name of the Director of Operations to make our comments addressed to someone, not Info@.

In the email, I detailed our illness and how we felt it was poorly handled and that no one followed up with us to see if we were alive even or what the cause might have been.

Also in the email, I spoke about the big change we noticed in the clientele, asking how that happened.

It helps that we’ve had a long relationship with Half Moon, my parents going there every year with their country club to play in golf tournaments as far back as the early 1960s. We rented houses there in the 70s and 80s too. So asking for a credit where we felt credit was due was a fairly easy request.

Just now, a phone call, an 800 number that said Out of Area. I almost didn’t answer but I was at the computer when it rang and Googled the number. Bingo, Half Moon. I answered.

It was Sherette Crichton, Director of Operations. She thanked me for my long email (of course, what else could she say?) and felt the email was so well written and with such good constructive comments, she felt it deserved a phone call, not an email.

We talked a good twenty minutes. Come to find out the Nurse wrote down our room number as 1074, not 2074, so when Management DID follow up, they asked the peeps in 1074 how they were feeling. They offered Room 1074 Pedialyte and Gatorade, and extended their apologies to them for getting ill. Mrs. Crichton added that had I not emailed her, citing the dates we stayed and our room number, they wouldn’t have caught their mistake.

She explained the illness was airborne, not the water, not the food. Once three guests at any resort fall ill, the Jamaican Board of Health is required to enter the scene and take water and food samples. People were ill at neighboring resorts and in town so it was like a Norovirus, although Mrs. Crichton didn’t use that word, that’s what we interpreted her explanation to mean.

Further, she added that as a matter of courtesy, they would have given us a credit at checkout, had our room number been registered correctly with the Nurse and staff.

She’s giving us a healthy credit off the Half Moon Food Plan we paid dearly for. It was almost four days one or both of us didn’t eat or ate very little. The HM Plan is three meals a day and all the booze you can consume. Any and all the goodies, food and alcohol in the room minibar, included. We were close to $1100 shy of the fee we paid.

We chatted also about the clientele and she agreed that they are seeing people who are not traditional HM guests. I didn’t want to go on about that and I figure if THEY are already aware that their clientele has changed, telling them again didn’t serve any purpose.

We were impressed with Mrs. Crichton. She was direct, answered all our questions, apologized, and asked us to be sure and come back again.


5 thoughts on “We Asked. They Answered. Quickly.

    1. Mixed. We were asked if we wanted the credit now or towards next visit. We said now, just in case we don’t go back. We’ll play it by ear. Now that I have communication with the Director of Operations, I kinda think if we do return, we’ll be well taken care of. It’s that clientele thing that worries us. We did hit Presidents Week vacation which we try and avoid so that may account for the mesh t-shirt crowd. We have a year to think it over.

  1. Excellent response and results. The alacrity is especially impressive. Maybe they will upgrade you to staffed cottage if/when you return.

    1. We’re perfectly happy with the Hibiscus Suites. Every amenity we want or need. Huge lanai. On the beach. No fussy staff hovering. And with a 24 hour half price sale, affordable. Easy flight. Close enough to airport to avoid driving 40 minutes to resort but not having flights right overhead.
      I respect HM wants to go back to self-management. That’s always good but Mrs Crichton intimated breaking from RockResorts changed how they market the resort. That is surely why we saw guests who seemed fish out of water.

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