The Handshake is Back!

Love or hate Trump but the man was taught that the proper way to meet someone, male or female, is with a sturdy handshake. Look them in the eye, lean in, firm but not vice grip, shake hands then let go. That’s how I was taught, and yes, I was taught, like I taught the kids to do the same.


Bye bye Obama and bye bye his awful BroHug approach to meeting people.

Nothing is more awkward than leaning in for a handshake and someone comes at you to hug. I DO hug but only with family. I’m not apt to meet someone and lean in for a hug.

However, it seems four out of five metrosexuals approve of the BroHug, even teaching how to go in for the hug.


The BroHug is as bad as the FistBump. Never done it. Don’t intend to try it.


Then there’s the limp fish handshake that so many women think it proper. Ugh.


I watched Trump leave the Chamber after his speech shaking hands with everyone who reached out to him. He also put a hand on the shoulder of some, as a gesture of warmth but no leaning in for the BroHug. Yay yay yay.

When you greet someone, are you a hand shaker or a hugger?

3 thoughts on “The Handshake is Back!

  1. My grandchildren are not huggers at all and I think it’s because my son and his wife find it too intimate. I’m a hugger, with old friends and family. A handshake with a family member is harsh, no?

  2. I can remember dreading as a child the “kiss (grandma, auntie, uncle-fill in the blank-goodbye” Whiskery cheeks, musty smells-my relatives were ancient, since my mom was the baby of the family. My DIL has trained her kids just right. They leap up,put their arms around me, and turn their heads sharply left ot right, and press their ear to my chest for a hug. I love it! Bibi

    1. Ooooh, grandkids hugs are the best. But not all kids are warm and fuzzy. I don’t know if that comes from their own personality or a cue from a parent.

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