I’d Go Down and Photograph it Close Up but it’s Raining Cats and Dogs….

….So here’s a zoom shot from standing inside, safe and dry.

My forsythia is almost in full bloom! Way too early for this.

The cherry trees are beginning to bud. So too the lilac bushes.


A few of the daffodils are popping up as well. It’s so warm I’ve turned the heat off in a couple of rooms and we used the barbecue grill last night for chicken (that I overcooked to the point of being so dry it was almost inedible). I also overcooked asparagus. Out of practice I guess.

Speaking of food, we moseyed into New Canaan yesterday to continue the week-long 70th birthday celebration to have lunch at one of Mr. EOS’s favorite places, Ching’s Table. Good Pan-Asian food. He had a Vietnamese Salad that has jicama and mango in it, peanuts and lots of other good light stuff. I had vegetable Pad Thai that I shared with Mr. EOS before he realized he was eating tofu and egg. Ha.


Then we moseyed through New Canaan, empty storefront after empty storefront and House For sale signs up all along Oenoke Ridge Road and in town too. Times are NOT good for New Canaan I suspect.

390 Oenoke Ridge Road, $6.25m, reduced $745k

549 Oenoke Ridge, new construction $5,995m – the uglisest of the bunch, 9200 square feet right on the road.

712 Oenoke Ridge, $6,995, reduced a cool million.

Good day to tackle more house chores, changing the water filters, putting up a couple of screens, paying bills.

As an aside, I loved Trump’s speech last night. Perfect tone. Perfect message. Even the mainstream news anchors were struggling to rip it apart.

Happy Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “I’d Go Down and Photograph it Close Up but it’s Raining Cats and Dogs….

  1. We have forsythia in full bloom too but I predict we’ll have one or more snow storms before the first day of spring. I’m going to cut the forsythia now and force bloom it inside.

        1. Maybe. There are still quite a few Stepford Wives around but with their spouses looking for work, it isn’t half as much fun as it used to be.

        2. Yep cast in NC
          “And when more than 2,000 would-be Stepford wives and husbands lined the streets Monday in New Canaan and here today to audition as extras for a remake of ”The Stepford Wives,” a sendup of the original sendup, they all agreed on two things.”

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